1. Bobby Dazzler

    Child seat lottery

    Just cleaned Jnr Dazzlers child seat... much money do you think I found beneath the cover?
  2. LeighW

    Are you an eighties child?

    If you grew up watching 80's TV, you'll like this! "Yee", and indeed, "Hah"! :D :cool:
  3. W

    Child seat sensor

    Hi Chaps, I've been on the Russian website to try and obtain the part number for a new child seat sensor (W202 220cdi) as I have an intermittent SRS warning. I can't seem to find the part in the on-line catalogue. It is not listed with the other airbag components under "electrical system...
  4. ShinyF1

    Child has been sick in car - 2000 E320 Cdi

    My daughter has just thrown up while sitting in the front passenger seat, and needless to say it has gone EVERYWHERE. Poor thing got carsick.... Door trim/pocket, side of the seat by the door, under runnners, inside the casing where the seat control buttons are etc. Any advice as to what...
  5. 230K

    Integrated child seats for a 98 210

    Hi Does anyone know if you can buy integrated child seats from MB for the rear of a 210 estate. The ones i mean are the ordinary bench seat that flips up to produce a kind of booster seat? Help appreciated. 230K
  6. uumode

    Confused at new law for child car seats

    I, I, can't see any real difference? Just that it is compulsory for 3-11...
  7. S

    Rear child seats w124 Please

    Hi there, first time I have posted. Here goes. Has anyone out there got a 124 estate with the 7-seat conversion grey triangle cloth interior, that doesn’t really use them? Kids now flown the nest etc. (I know it’s a long shot!) Was planning to buy a 7 seater as the misses is expecting...
  8. C

    ML Child seat

    Guys Anyone recently brought a rear facing car seat for an ML that fits. Every shop I have been too cannot find a seat to fit my 2001 ML270. Brittax, cossato etc have been tried.
  9. C

    w124 child locks

    any idea how to get them on? my 2 year old son is trying to open the door now when we are going along,can't be too hard,can it?
  10. v_man

    Child Lock

    I have a W203. My issue is with the rear door locks. Passengers in the rear aren't able to open the doors from the inside even when the car is unlocked. And suggestions? I'm sure it's easy to solve, but thought I'd ask here before I search through the owners manual!
  11. L

    Child Care costs

    OK PLEASE dont ask! for info only at this stage.. How much a week are you looking at for childcare costs ? Cheers Mark
  12. Martin clk

    CLK - which child seat?

    Hey guys n gals, Just purchased a 2001 clk and cant seem to find an appropriate seat for my nephew who's 14 months. Anyone got any advice? :confused:
  13. scottishc280

    Child seat. Recaro

    Just got a new car seat as my 9 month old son is now too big for his original rear facing seat. (Headrest speakers and front seat friendly even with an air bag) I bought a recaro that suits from 9 months up to 12 years old (dependant on wieght) I was told that starting in 2006 the laws for...
  14. scottishc280

    Recall for dangerous child seats - Topsafe

    New child seat recalled. I got one of these seats (£545) thinking having him in the front would be good and let the driver have a quick check he is ok every now and again but returned it after 5 weeks persevering ( the week before the official recall was announced). I found the seat cause the...
  15. SilverSaloon

    MB child seats

    hi is there a website that shows the range of MB baby seats? i need to buy one or am i best just going into a dealer? i need one with the airbag transponder thing - can you get ones made by other companies or do they have to come from MB?
  16. M

    Child of the 60' &70's

    I had this sent to me earlier today Congratulations are in order if you lived as a child in the 60's, 70's or even early 80's (or earlier for some, but I won't go there!!) Looking back, it's hard to believe that we have lived as long as we have... As children, we would ride in cars with...
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