1. I

    Children s head rests!

    I stalked this group during my ownership but I Sold my C class Est (2010) don't ask why !!! it had built in booster seats. I also had the additional head supports which the new owner didn't need, I'm looking to sell them but I'm struggling to find official info or a part number and have no...
  2. guydewdney

    hypocrisy, children, tv, facepalm, youtube.....

    my wife, who, luckily never frequents this forum, has some obsession with online tv. its on before she gets out of bed, and on, on the pillow, as she goes to sleep. every day. she also says to our 5yr old son that he cant watch tv until after dinner (7 to 730pm with a bed time of 8ish pm)...
  3. ChrisEdu

    The things children say

    My 11 year old has just informed my wife and I that a dildo is an extinct bird! :eek: I'm not sure what they're teaching them in school these days?!
  4. stwat

    Be aware of your children on social media

    I was looking through my twitter feed, as you do. I noticed a follower had posted a picture, which I clicked on. A rather provocative picture to say the least. I posted in jest, 'Careful as someone will photoshop that into a porno pic'. The reply from the poster shocked me to the core and...
  5. marty359

    Got young children?

    Not sure if this is posted elsewhere but Santa's sleigh will be visable tonight at approx 5.20pm ;) :thumb: NASA - Spot The Station
  6. O

    Children in the back of R129 SL?

    Can you legally and safely put a child's seat in the rear of a R129? Views have changed since the days when our young 'uns were just slung in the back without any restraints at all, and my daughters now insist, quite rightly, that their children and our grandchildren must at all times be...

    Over twenty young children shot

    As the title says. Just watching the news and up to 26 young children aged 5 to ten years old shot in America. Update. Shooter among the dead. Eight adults and 18 children dead
  8. ringway

    Children's Television Programmes from the 1940's onwards.

    THIS site gives comprehensive listings of children's television programmes from as far back as the 1940's. Not necessarily all favourites of mine, but I've placed some YouTube clips of what you'll expect to find on the website. So, what are your favourites? 7cX07V4iwBM XuPVcxzVD5A...
  9. A

    Parents Charged with Murdering their 6 children

    They have just charged the parents with 6 counts of murder. I'm lost for words. Cannot understand this. WHY would they.
  10. C

    Children onboard

    Sometimes we need to leave the car for a while,but children are inside.air conditioner need to be running so we cant ignition that possible??can we leave the vehicle while its still running?
  11. Satch

    Children banned from shooting events in 2012 ticket giveaway

    What a pathetic, pointless & utterly stupid piece of condescending patronising PC nonsense. (This will also exclude kids from watching Modern Pentathlon BTW) Children banned from shooting events in 2012 ticket giveaway | News
  12. Satch

    Now what is wrong with this picture children......

    Wenlock multi charm key ring | Keyrings and lanyards Official Olympic Shop Just about says it all really.
  13. trapperjohn

    Canal Lock Safety. Children.

    Went for a chug down the Leeds Liverpool canal last Sunday with members from the Mercedes Benz Club and had Sunday Lunch on board a barge/motor vessel/pleasure cruiser. Good food and good company. What crossed my mind though was. Do children of today get taught just how deep canal locks are...
  14. splang

    Zippity Games Console for Children

    For sale on ebay: Zippity - Disney wireless game - perfect condition | eBay UK As new condition. 1 day to go!!
  15. P

    In Libya, Nato killing children to protect children

    I thought it was meant to be a humanitarian mission :dk:. Now 'NATO' is targetting Gadaffi himself and in the process kills one of his sons and grandchildren. I have no sympathy for Gadaffi but surely NATO is no different from a group of deranged terrorists who bomb a crowded train in rush hour...
  16. W

    What's the law on taking photos of my own children?

    My wife usually takes the kids to swimming lessons because I'm at work. For a few weeks now, she has been telling me how our youngest is really progressing, but I haven't been able to go and watch. So, today she took the camera with her to take some snaps and vid clips. The swimming pool...
  17. Satch

    Stupid parents and idiot children.

    So it is Christmas Day mid afternoon by which time your children have gone well OTT and parents have had enough. What to do? Take them for a walk. So of course by this time any remaining shreds of self control the children had has vanished and they are running aroound like lunatics and one of...
  18. D

    Children (Other people's)

    Need to let off steam, and as all my normal avenues are blocked - this is my only place! Partners sister came to visit 2 (feels more like 30 days ago), bringing her children from hell. For the past 2 days I have watched my daughters toys get trashed (mother says nothing), my house get...
  19. whitenemesis

    Torchwood - Children of Earth

    Fantastic :rock: Great to see the Beeb putting this on prime-time :bannana:
  20. glojo

    Curfews for young children

    I have just had a small chuckle when I heard on our local news that young children will have to be off the streets by a set time in one town in Cornwall! A PIONEERING night curfew is to be introduced in Redruth later this month as community leaders try to build on the good work already done to...
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