1. MDC250

    Multi fuel chimney flue

    Thinking about overhauling what was a gas 'living flame' fire in my lounge to an open fire. Victorian property so no lining in the chimney and inevitably the mortar in the chimney will be shot so will need to get a flue liner fitted. Ball park what sort of money are we talking to get this type...
  2. brucemillar

    Smokey Chimney. What is the law?

    Hi My new neighbour has installed two solid fuel burners in his house. No probs with that. Trouble is, his house sits below the height of my house, so much so that his chimneys are level with my windows. So we have no need to look outside to see if he has lit a fire as our house fills up...
  3. coupe deville

    chimney liner, bucket and wheel

    looking for a chimney liner on ebay spotted this beaut :eek: might put a bid in for the job lot, anybody want a bucket and wheel 0 bids :confused: wonder why Chimney liner on eBay (end time 09-Apr-10 07:44:46 BST)
  4. smillion

    Buildings Insurance Claim - chimney fire

    18 months ago we had a chimney fire and 3 appliances attended. They successfully put the fire out by tipping 220 litres of water down the chimney - none appeared at the fireplace. We have now found that the clay chimney liner was damaged in this process and the chimney surround is now...
  5. J

    Wasp nest in Chimney

    Hi all Have been sitting watching the GP and wasps have started to emerge from my fireplace :eek: Have been outside and there are wasps coming out the top - must have a nest in there...:mad: I have put a chimney balloon up to stop them entering the house but I need to get rid of the...
  6. mark.t

    chimney cam

    vatican...vaticam :eek: news have the chimney cam so we can watch for the a separate small screen in the picture...OMG
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