1. H

    Behr radiator, made in China

    I bought a Behr radiator from Euro's to replace the original Valeo and TBH it looks pretty naff quality. Cheap, shiny looking plastic tanks & hose connections on the sides. Has anyone had problems with these? I'm half tempted to send it back and get a Nissens or something :( (I know...
  2. B

    Edd China leaving Wheeler Dealers after disagreement with new owners It was the best programme on Discovery so it won't be the same with the new format
  3. bob6600

    Edd China to leave Wheeler Dealers

    Press Release | Discovery UK With Aaron having left Fast N Loud, this seems like a trend. Fuzz Townsend next?? New co-host with Mike will be Ant Anstead
  4. lisa110rry

    Daimler Chief Removed after Racist Rant in China

    Daimler chief removed after 'racist rant' in China - BBC News Just a sideways move though...
  5. R

    China tyres

    Hi Any experience with China tyres. Like goodride or other brand? What about winter tyres(also China) Ronny
  6. D

    David Coulthard wins the 2016 GP in China.

    Ant. :D Just a bit of fun for those who know what it means. PLEASE do not post any results and spoil it for anyone who's yet to see it. Thanks.
  7. Cousy

    Carbon parts from China on eBay

    Has anyone had any experience or issues with carbon parts bought on eBay from China. The prices seem very low, too low. The link below is for a carbon diffuser £210 plus £43 delivery. Carbon Fiber Big Fin Rear Diffuser Lip Fit For Benz W204 C63 AMG Bumper 12-14 | eBay Mode Carbon seem like...
  8. RetiredSlider

    eBay Secondary Air Injection Pumps? (from China!)

    Howdy, Anybody got (or had) any experience with these Chinese SIP's? I need one for my CLS as it's failed (swapped the relay, no joy) They're cheap - but question is whether they'll fail again in another year or so? :crazy...
  9. M

    Lamborghini Aventador rear ends Mercedes GLK in Nanning China

    from the article: Lamborghini Aventador rear ends Mercedes GLK in Nanning China, due to the Lamborghi's low profile and the nature of the high SUV the Lamborghini ended up wedged under the rear of the SUV. This must have been a super scary accident from the Lamborghini drivers point of view...
  10. Sp!ke

    Grease Junkie Garage (Ed China)

    I found out today that Ed China's garage is a normal working garage that does everyday MOT's and servicing in Bracknell. If anyone's interested - here's his website. Grease Junkie by Edd China | Garage
  11. V12

    Importing goods from China?

    I am looking to bring in a couple of pallets of goods from China and could do with talking to anyone with first hand experience. I have previously had a box or two of a few hundred small items come in. First question is whether I should let them arrange shipping or whether I should look into...
  12. BlackC55

    Anyone going to China soon?

    I need a part sent back to a company in China that is faulty. The company won't let me send it by DHL etc due to the customs costs, so the best way to do it is to send it to them within the country. I really need help with this if at all possible. Olly
  13. The _Don

    Ferrari apologises after china hoonage

    PistonHeads Headlines - Ferrari apologises after China hoonage
  14. bpsorrel

    China reprieve for R Class..

    Seems like the R is popular in China and so will live on! China reprieve for R-class -
  15. BlackC55

    I need some help sending a package to china

    Hi, I have an account with TNT and they say I need "commercial invoices" for customs before I can send them. Does anyone have an example of one as I have never heard or seen of this before. I need help!!
  16. killban

    New Member in China

    Hello all, I have joined this forum as I am returning to the UK in September, and I am ordering a C250 CDI Sport Auto Saloon as my lease car for the next 2 years. Hopefully, I will get it soon after I return... Anyway, I look forward to reading and commenting over the next few years...
  17. ironsheik

    Daimler Profits in China...

    Interesting read, so I thought I would share.... Daimler profits roar up on China's passion for Mercedes | Business | The Guardian
  18. Godot

    Save china's tigers

    cwAflOYq28U:) If only I continued with my Art Studies
  19. Mudster

    More S Classes sold in China than any other country in the world.

    Interesting artcile regarding the renewal of The Chinese F1 GP in Shanghai. Now the worlds largest car market, the shoe is on the other foot. F1 trying to hang on to China - Yahoo! Eurosport
  20. T

    W212 Long Wheel base for China

    Just for information purposes. They just launched a new W212 E300 Long Wheel base specific for China. Are China cars right-hand drive? Chinese-market Mercedes-Benz E-Class long wheelbase revealed at Auto China 2010 Wonder if the rest of the world would get this LWB E300 as well......
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