1. J

    air cap paint chipped away at edges

    hi on both sides of the edge of air cap on my e250 cgi the paint has completly chipped away right down to the bare metal. I have seen other mercs and some are the same as mine has anyboby here got the same problem. Seems to me this could be a fault with paintwork my car is only 6 years old.
  2. kvz2000

    Is my Merc chipped ??

    Hi All , Just bought a 2008 Merc C200 auto sport , having drove the C220 I feel this C200 is much quicker or more responsive , I've read that the C200 is the same engine as the C220 but it's been detuned , how can I check if my C200 has been re-chipped Cheers Donald
  3. Dee James

    chipped lacquer repair options?

    I have a couple of chips in the lacquer on my ML, about the size of a coin i thought i might have a go at at least improving with some lacquer i have. Anyone had a go at this sort of thing? i`m not expecting miracles but it would be nice to improve the appearance a bit
  4. paul73mt

    Chipped Wheel

    Sorry if this is the wrong place. Had a wheel refurb in August and as my winter wheels are on I thought I would clean them up and put them away for next year. All good and no damages on them apart from his 'chip' that has gone through the lacquer :( spoke the people who done them and they don't...
  5. arkamelis

    has anyone had there 98-01 e320 chipped

    hi has anyone had there e320 cdi 98-01 chipped. i just wanted to know if it does what thay say it can to improve the bhp and torq
  6. pierpp

    Brabus chipped C250 CDi

    Hi, I am new here Has anyone else had this done as my insurance company wont cover me now its had a modification, even though it was done by a MB dealer Also I feel its not worth the £1600 if you have the 'sports' pack which I already has, as it seems to duplicate that setting Any other...
  7. pierpp

    Hi. Newbie with a Brabus Chipped 250m cdi

    Hi I have a 250 CDi Blue efficiency and have just had a Brabus chip fitted. I was wondering if anyone else has had the same and their views. My current insurer wont cover me now. Anyone else have any issues?
  8. BTB 500

    Anybody got a chipped Xbox?

    Microsoft 'disconnects 1m Xbox gamers' |
  9. G

    is my car chipped

    I was at the lights and a C270 cdi pulled up next to me on the dual carriageway. I have a c270 cdi too and we both had a brisk start (to 50 mph) and my car ate his for breakfast lunch and dinner. I'm pretty sure his car was running well and it's not that hard to put your foot down but it came to...
  10. P

    any one have chipped E250TD or C250TD 1997'+ ?

    What mpg or better how much littres per 100km you have before and after ?
  11. M

    Chipped wood trim - how to fix?

    Seems like someone borrowed a stereo once and left screwdriver marks on that bit of wood trim that goes around the ash tray. A new part costs :eek: so does anybody know a good guide to restoring furniture or wood trim on the net? Looks like it could done, a bit of brown enamel plus lots of...
  12. KLP 92

    Just had the diesel chipped!

    I've been contemplating on whether i should have my W202 C250 TD superchipped. After having the car repainted it feels like a different car so i've decided to spend a little bit of money on it! Not too much as it is my workhorse after all! After speaking with Jimmy, who had previously had a...
  13. B

    ml 270 chipped and new wheels

    iv got my 2000 model ml 270 and was wondering if anyone has chipped one? or maybe better to leave alone. also has any one put some decent wheels on one they lack badly in that area
  14. McGreggor

    Rain Sensor with Chipped Windscreen?

    I've got a nasty chip right in the line of sight of the driver, and I'm wondering if this is what's stopping my rain sensor from working? I'm not sure what else might be stopping it... unless the previous owner has had it disabled somehow. I've checked under the sensors cover, and it does...
  15. D

    A170CDI "Chipped"

    Hi all, After talking with an owner up in Cumbria who was very pleased with his conversion, I decided to get mine chipped (A170CDI 1999). I went for the “SuperChip” because there was a dealer locally. Well….. what a difference :D . It now pulls strong from 1100 revs. The engine seems to be...
  16. jimmy

    ECU 'chipped'

    As you may have read on another thread I have been trying to get my car 'chipped'. I have already tried several companies who basically said I have the wrong type of ECU to be chipped.:confused: Thanks to Koolvin for pointing me towards Upsolute , I have been in touch with Upsolute and one...
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