1. Mike Walker

    W204 C220cdi - tell me about chipping please

    As above - all advice - good and bad - gratefully received :dk: Thanks in anticipation Mike
  2. C

    Chipping an Automatic ml270

    Has anyone any thoughts about having a automatic chipped, would it be of any advantage ? :dk:
  3. S

    W212 chipping without mud flaps

    Hi, I have just over 3.5k on the clock and have already noticed that the AMG Sport side skirts at the front are starting to experience the effects of gravel rash especially up by the front wheels. I can't get mudflaps unless someone has managed to get the SE ones to fit a Sport model or found...
  4. C

    Chipping a W204 C200 CDi

    A good idea or not??? What performance improvement could l realistically expect to achieve? And the cost.....and thoughts?
  5. M

    Chipping a 270 cdi

    Has anybody got a recommendation for a firm to do this in the essex area, I am looking for improved performance and economy
  6. Pumas25

    Chipping C220CDI

    Hi folks, I'm new to this site (as of today). Was first looking for info as I busted my gearbox on friday and was waiting for the diagnosis from my buddy's transmission workshop. Ends up the gearbox was wrecked! :eek: Anyway, since i now have shelled out best part of a grand for the...
  7. bonez59

    e300td chipping problem

    Hello, im having a problem when chipping my merc, she a 99 plate, done all the maps for a stage2 style map, put sockets in for the chips so no soldering to swap chips over, put chips i done it and the glow plug light doesnt come on and wont try to start, cant find why as only changed the...
  8. I

    chipping E430

    Thinking about chipping my 1999 E430 avantgrade estate, just like to know would i gain much and has anyone esle had it done;) cheers
  9. dervdoc

    how does the auto box cope with chipping c250td

    just wandering can anyone give any feedback on how the autobox copes after chipping a c250td? probably looking at a generic map r a tuning box, so probably increasing from 150bhp to 170-180bhp
  10. pierpp

    Chipping a Blue Efficiency

    Hi I am thinking of getting my E350 CDi BE (2010) chipped. I know there are various manufacturers out there doing perfomance chips. Has anyone had this done on such a new model? How does it affect the MB warranty? Worth doing or not? I hear the fuel economy is improved too...?
  11. saorbust

    Engine Chipping for Economy...

    Hi, Thinking of having my car chipped for economy - as the primary factor, not performance. Would any one know of a good place to look for this / recommend anyone ? Thanks, J.
  12. cplnoonoo

    W203 coupe ECU chipping - worth it?

    I've read in a couple of places about chipping the ECU of my coupe to increase performance/bhp and also fuel consumption. How much would i be looking at to get this done? Is it safe to do? What sort of gains am i looking at? Can i get it reversed if i wanted to sell the car or didnt like the...
  13. 420SE

    Chipping a C220CDi - worth it?

    Following on from the last thread, we ar enow in posession of a W202 C220CDi and we love it :D Thanks to all those who helped out! Just been doing some Googling and general research and was wondering as to what the consensu was on the issue of chipping a W202 C220CDi? My understanding is...
  14. boggie

    Chipping a 320CDI engine

    Hi, I am thinking of 'chipping' my E320CDI. There are various companies claiming various improvements such as THESE guys and THESE too. However, there is nothing like experience so I would be very interested if anyone can give first hand experience. Many thanks!
  15. pilotc182

    EMU 'Chipping'

    Not sure if this is Electronic or Engine but lets start here. Anyone any knowledge/advice/comments relating to engine management chipping, i.e. to improve power/economy etc. Are there goods ones/bad ones ? Are they worth the money ? etc etc
  16. G

    difference between remapping and chipping

    i have a 2006 cls 320 cdi that i want to upgrade a little.what is the diffference between chipping/plug in box and remapping .. are the brabus engine upgrades a remap or plug in device, i have heard that kleeman plug in boxes are as good and much cheaper, any advice please...
  17. B

    Chipping etc:

    I friend of mine has just purchased a w210 saloon 300 td S reg, but has been advised that its been chipped. The seller gave him the original Bosch chip, but said the superchip would be better for the car. The car is very fast but drinks fuel. He wants to put back the original chip as he is not...
  18. S

    Chipping a C 270 CDI

    My 2003 C 270 is great to drive, but dreadfully slow to pull in the mornings, and even when it's warmed up has noticeable turbo lag. (I used to have a BMW 5 series 3litre diesel until it went into the river Cam - another story - but it had a fantastic engine) I've seen lots of impressive...
  19. ChrisEdu

    Engine remapping / chipping

    I'm sure this has probably been covered before (feel free to direct me to the right place) but has anyone got any experience of engine upgrades for a 210 E320CDi? I was talking to a Service24 chap yesterday and he was telling me that the engines have loads of spare performance capacity and that...
  20. M

    Chipping and Modding W202 C180

    I have 1996 C180 auto which is a drag, I would like to speed it up, I have been reading the forums and been hearing k and n chip and mod which i do not understand, Can a kind person explain to me ? Is it expensive to do, And there is a guy selling a chip on ebay for 19.99 is this okay ? DIY...
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