1. reggie musson

    Road re-surfacing with stone chippings, what a nightmare

    :ban:We are having many of our roads re-surfaced here in Northamptonshire with that nasty dressing of loose grey like stone chippings, which means I am forced to drive on this horrible surface for about 5 miles in each direction each day. I washed my lovely CLK this week and noticed the lower...
  2. MarkP80

    Resurfacing with chippings

    I washed MrsP's car at the weekend and what a mess it was - covered thankfully not in stone chips, but tar all over the place. Then I remembered a few evenings previously we had driven along a road which had just been resurfaced with a coat of tar and a layer of loose chippings. Why oh why do...
  3. W

    Loose chippings

    Oh great. The tar spray and chipping season is upon us again. This morning I hit my first patch of the year. :( Sticking carefully to 20mph in order to retain some of my recently polished paintwork while the morons behind tailgate me from 3 inches away and other a-holes drive past in the...
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