1. O

    Stone chips?

    Hi I've a couple unavoidable stone chips on my door very small but one is fairly deep. Are the touch up pens any good? If not smart repair?
  2. Aibonator

    Stone chips

    I'm based in Nottingham. Looking for a good Chips away type company to touch up a couple of stone chips on my 3 month old C63s AMG. Tried Paint Techniqs in the past on the wives car as well as chipsaway and not happy with the finish. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. P

    C63 stone chips

    Hi, new member here. I have a 2015 C63 and I have noticed multiple small stone chips on the front sills extending about halfway the length of the doors. Is it because if the tyre width sitting beyond the bottom of the front wings?. Would appreciate any thoughts.
  4. Adamccc

    Cheap as chips tyres

    Not sure is Buy cheap tyres online @ - tyre dealer for car and budget tyres has lost their minds but I just brought 2 x 295/30/20 Pilot Super Sports for my CLS... £172! They seem to have a quite a few tyres and sizes at £70-80 - thought fellow tyre smokers would be interested
  5. A

    Lower wheel arch chips

    Hiya all does anyone know if their is a bit of kit that can protect this lower edge of the inner wheel arch rim My car is a 2012 A Class and looked for mud flaps for my make of car and it doesn't look like any are available for my make and model of car? I have seen some deflector things...
  6. dddooommm

    Mercedes Re-map, software upgrades, ecu remap updates chips

    Evening MB CLUB- The previous owner of my car was a recognised mercedes performance shop with a rolling road, modern Merc breakers, servicing etc. They owned the car for years and I can tell it's been looked after. They stated that the car CDI CLK W209 Had been remapped. How can I...
  7. B

    Minor stone chips on windscreen

    My E320 still has it's original windscreen after thirteen years, and consequently has picked up scores of very minor stone chips. None of them are large enough for the standard chip repair, but I would like to find a way to polish them out if it's possible. Has anyone tried this or is it a...
  8. D

    C63 bonnet stone chips

    Hi Guys I am picking up my new C63 125 in diamond white but the car has 3-4 stone chips through the lacquar only. does anyone know or recommend someone who can fix these properly without the cheap old touch up method or respray?.
  9. Jakerook

    Stone chips

    Bonnet littered with stone chips. It's an old 03 C180 coupe in a lovely red colour. The chips are very visible. I've gotten myself some touch up paint made to the exact colour. Is this a job that can be done myself ? Any tips for a good job/finish ? Ta
  10. poormansporsche

    cheap as chips 43 kitted 202

    Looks pretty nice as is with the kit, leathers, wheels and spats but at less than a grand you could rag it til it dies and still get your money back in parts ! 1998 MERCEDES C240 SPORT AUTO GREEN AMG WHEELS, LEATHERS | eBay :)
  11. A

    Stone Chips

    hi my 2003 obsidian black C180k that was recently acquired has a lot of stone chips on the hood. Can someone recommend a reasonable bodyshop in the Bradford/ Leeds area please? The one I went to said the whole front end needs doing to ensure color match. :s I am not too confident using...
  12. C

    Stone Chips

    So I went and blasted the majority of my savings on an 11 plate C180 coupe. It had 6200k on the clock and was absolutely mint. Since I bought it in November, I've had a woman open her door out on it (paintless dent removal 70 quid), kerbed the rear alloy and the latest is debris from road or...
  13. st13phil

    Question for Glassman re: Screen Chips

    I'm sure I'm not alone in this, so thought it was worth asking the question. I have a couple of very minor chips in the screen of my W212. These chips are no more than 1mm or 2mm across, and probably only 0.1mm to 0.2mm deep but they have edges sharp enough to damage the wiper blade. So...
  14. A

    Stone chips

    all, hopefully someone can help me with this minor issue i have. My car has alot of stone chips around the bonnet and overall oxidation around the bumper area, i know stone chips would need respray at some point but can i not do a temp fix somehow? I have tried to touch it up with touchup...
  15. Halcyon Days

    stone chips

    Other than a respray, how would the panel deal with stone chips like these on their bonnet?
  16. poormansporsche

    nice looking cheap as chips kitted 210

    Different to the usual silver, really quite like it at 500 quid start bid !! Mercedes E280 V6 Avantgarde AMG Body Kit And Alloys | eBay :thumb:
  17. S

    Chips away or similar in Wiltshire

    I need a few small stone chips and a small stone dent sorted on the bonnet of my 2012 estate. Anyone got any good contacts to sort? Any idea of price? Thanks in advance.
  18. C

    Question for the bodywork experts - stone chips

    Had my front bumper repainted with a lot of other bodywork and done 1000 miles since. Washed the car today and there are over 50 stone ships on the front bumper yet none anywhere else. The bumper is actually more chipped than it was before painting yet that had done 50K on the car. Would you...
  19. poormansporsche

    Cheap as Chips 190 2.6

    looks good for not alot of money, air con too (probably not working as not mentioned in the ad) Mercedes Benz 190e 2.6 Auto | Acton | Gumtree :thumb:
  20. B

    Anyone used Chipex for stone chips?

    Hi I was thinking about buying some touch-up paint from Chipex Car touch up paint - colour match guaranteed Just wondering if anyone here has used their paint before I buy some as it is quite pricey! Maybe worth it though if it works. Thanks
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