1. brucemillar


    Guys A shout out here for Chipsaway (Dartford). Used them for the first time to repair several scratches on my wife's, metallic black, X5 (I know) They came out on Monday to quote, and arrived yesterday in a very neat and well equipped van, to do the job. A fist class job from a nice...
  2. B

    Dings in Drivers Door - Chipsaway Glasgow

    Just thought I'd share my repair experience. I purchased an approved used White C220 CDI AMG Sport Coupe, really enjoyed the first few days of owning the car but after only a week of ownership it had become the victim of car park dings on the drivers door. They looked quite deep and at the time...
  3. A

    Chipsaway - any good?

    Just picked up our new baby this week 2001 w208 CLK 230 Kompressor 94,000 miles its in great condition and full service history - - no rust But quite a few road chips on the leading edge of the bonnet Does anyone have any experience of Chipsaway - price - quality etc
  4. DSLiverpool

    Chipsaway Wirral - Magician !

    Bloody amazing, I didnt take any pics before (doh) but he has amazed me. Not only a perfect Argenta blue Maserati match but he has perfected a door edge with door opening dings and what looked like seatbelt missile damage. Anyhoo it was messy, 3 deep chips, myriad trailing edge of door and...
  5. K

    Wheel arch scuff - Chipsaway any good?

    I have scuffed the wheel arch on my SL350 :( :( :( Not wishing to spend huge sums repairing, I have a quote from Chipsway to fix for less than £200. Anyone used them before, and are they any good? They claim to be the small/medium repairer to the MB Porsche and Aston Martin dealers in...
  6. sportyreptile

    Called Chipsaway after a Gritter lorry encounter

    Travelling home one night last week I approached a gritter ahead, we were coming to a roundabout and he had his right indicator on, so I held back, he did a U turn at the roundabout. As he did I heard a loud thud, a bit of grit hit my headlight or glass I thought. The following morning I...
  7. del320


    The old gal is now over nine years old and following a trouble-free jaunt round France and sailing through the MOT last week, I decided to reward her with a minor refurbishment by calling in ChipsAway. This franchise has appeared on the forum a few times over the past couple of years with a...
  8. Brian WH


    The ChipsAway boys were at my local supermarket today advertising their services and giving out leaflets. I notice from a search that they get a mention occasionally but nobody seems to have tried them?:confused: So has anybody used them and what was you opinion of their service? For...
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