1. Rashman

    Wheel chocks

    No biggie, I wanted to buy a new wheel chock today, for when I change wheels etc. I also like to have one for when I jack up the Alfa. Some say that I don't really need a wheel chock because I use a heavy duty trolley jack and have a level floor in the garage. Nonetheless, I still like to put...
  2. Charles Morgan

    Chocks away - Morgan cleared for take off!

    Dear old Morgan cars have re-created a three wheeler, and what a joy to behold. I particularly like the idea of the starter button being the firing button from the Typhoon. Chocks away, chaps! Piccies here
  3. SilverSaloon

    bargain trolly jack, axle stands and chocks for £15

    bargain at B&Q (half price): Torq 3 Piece Lifting Set
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