1. BIG_G_1979

    help choosing a D/A buffer

    Hi guys/gals need help choosing a electronic D/A I not after something big as I currently have a silverline buff but I just think it's far to big (angle grinder size) anyways something nice light and effective, I would like ur recommendations oh and not too expensive, thanks I saw this on ebay...
  2. demetrios

    help choosing right alternator

    Guys my alternator has packed in on my R129 500 SL. We thought it was battery being faulty even though it was inky fitted last August. Roof wouldn't come off or roll bar wouldn't work unless you drove car for mile or so. No charge but if alternator was giving up this makes sense...
  3. E

    Choosing the right extras for an A45.

    Hi Everyone, Looking at adding an A45 to my E63. The wife has fallen in love with it after her test drive, must admit I was very taken by it also. Just wanted to get a concensus on what any A45 owners thought were good optional extras and which weren't worth the money. Also, anyone got any...
  4. Tan

    Choosing an Energy Provider

    Hi After getting a rather steep Gas bill, think I need to choose a better deal, there are so many deals out there now, short term fixed and longer term. Any advice on what is the best to choose? Thanks Tan
  5. karlos280

    Help choosing a new tv

    I'm in the market for a new tv with a budget of £1000. It has to be 50 " led not to bothered if it hasn't got 3d but it must have least 400hz picture quality as I watch a lot of sport and movies. Any recommendations would be greatfull as there is so much choice. Thanks
  6. Spinal

    Choosing a bike...

    Yes, bike as in bicycle... I've somehow let myself be convinced to cycle to Paris in 24 hours (or attempt to...) I'm going to train on my old mountainbike which I've dragged out of the shed, but I'm thinking I should get something more appropriate for the actual trip... Probably not a...
  7. Spinal

    Choosing a laptop...

    I need some advice on a new laptop.... I was hoping Steve would announce a blu-ray enabled, touch-screen laptop (at least that way my company would buy/pay for it) but alas no. So, Apple wont work... I'm not looking for anything too powerful, but I does need - 15" screen (I'm half blind...
  8. E

    Need Help Choosing A T.v

    Need Help Choosing a tv Time has come for me to purchase a flat screen:bannana: Question is which one do i go for on a budget of £700max Plasma?...LCD? I want: 1. Min 37'' 2. 100Hz Processor 3. 30.000 Contrast Ratio 4. 1080p
  9. BTB 500

    Help choosing a sound system for HD TV

    Hi AV experts :) Finally got an HD TV on the way, so need to think about a sound system. Having problems identifying something suitable though, hence could do with some advice. First up, most home cinema setups seem to be based on a DVD player. But I have a PS3, so I only want an amp...
  10. BTB 500

    House purchase - choosing a surveyor, and structure/contents insurance

    Any suggestions on picking a surveyor to give our prospective new house a good going over before we exchange contracts? I've found the RICS website: Which has various searches on it ... presumably I want "Chartered Building Surveyors"? Just pick one at random who is...
  11. F

    Need help choosing a non-merc work horse for dad's business

    Hi All Need some dad works in the property biz and he needs to find a car he can use in the property management side of things... can you help suggest some cars which would meet the following criteria: People carrier - or any vehicle that can fit a double bed Reliable and...
  12. nickg

    Positive Thinking - Need Help Choosing the Next one... to accept that the SL is a goner, so what next? Top of the list is still another SL60 AMG but also considering XK8 or XKR conv. or a 996 or 993. Any thoughts? I am budgeting around £25K at this stage and it will be my everyday car doing c.10k pa so not v heavy usage but must...
  13. Andy W

    Choosing wheels

    Does any one know of any sites that lets you see a picture of your car then try different types of wheels on the car to see how they look. I know that these programmes do exist, but where ?
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