1. 9

    W126 bumper chrome

    Just bought a new complete set of front bumper chromes for my second generation W126. Price: £158. This is cheaper than some used pieces on ebay, and much cheaper than the £500 or so at the main dealers. The seller is They have parts for various German classics...
  2. T

    Wanted W205 Chrome Exhaust tip

    Can anyone help me replace the little chrome tip nearside on my 2016 W205 C220 please?
  3. C

    A-Class W176 Instant Sports Grill upgrade!

    I am in to car modifcations and didn't think it was worth paying the extra for the Sports Grill but really liked the look so I bought these Chrome Stickers which have a domed effect to stick on each of the 256 dots! Sticking the first couple were a bit tricky but got a lot easier and quicker as...
  4. zenman63

    Looking for chrome plating

    Looking to have my tail pipes re chromed, salt damaged. Any recommendations that will mail order? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Palfrem

    Chrome using a lot of memory

    Any ideas please chaps? All I have open is the Google home page and Chrome has this lot going on... Just a feature of Chrome or a virus of some sort?
  6. N

    spring loaded chrome ovals

    Could someone please let me know what the split spring loaded chrome ovals on the flat deck of my E Class Cabriolet are there for? Its surprising how many people ask me!!
  7. FordToMerc

    Chrome Strips

    Advice needed please: I have decided to put non OEM chrome strips around my 2012 C-Class SE exec. The price of OEM strips are horrendous. So will use the self adhesive type found on eBay with 3m tape. What I need to know in order to make it look similar to original strips as possible is the...
  8. clk320x

    Simoniz chrome cleaner?

    This stuff any good? On offer @ Tesco for £3. Need some to clean my exhaust tips? Apparently this on microfibre cloth should do the trick? Cheers
  9. T

    rusty chrome wheels need a makeover but how / what ?

    These Wheels are on my Boat Trailer obviously looked nice when new Typical american chromed styling however they are now very rusty and past their best I want to give them a makeover of some description but without spending a fortune as the trailer is parked up out of sight most of the time and...
  10. clk320x

    Mercedes chrome sports pedal set

    This is a Mercedes sports pedal set for an automatic Brand new, I brought this from Alps but never got round to fitting and am too lazy frankly... opened them up and been in glovebox since PM me if interested I would like £25 for it + shipping :) Cheers
  11. GillyC63

    Removing Estate upper chrome window surround

    Hi all as title says does anyone know how to remove the upper chrome window trim on a w204 estate? I can unclip the trim all the way back to the rear quarter after that I can't see how to free the last bit Every link seems to be about removing a coupe's trim I can't find anything ref the estate...
  12. L

    Tailpipe Chrome Cleaner.

    Just trying to clean the tailpipes on my E 55 amg and I'm not having much success, so I'm just wandering what comes recommended, there's no signs of any rust but I cant seem to get through the tarnish and tbh they look far better on the underside.
  13. G

    Chrome Exhaust Tip

    Hi All, I'm into week 3 of Mercedes ownership and just cleaning up those little bits and pieces that need attention. I have a 2012 C180 Coupé. The chrome exhaust tip looks like it has never seen polish and now it's so far gone, a new one is the only option. I don't want some cheap rubbish that...
  14. mpc

    C250 W204 - Chrome Roof Rails - Cleaning?

    Does anyone have any tips how to get a shine back on the chrome roof rails. Over the years they have obviously deteriorated with weathering/tree sap/contaminents. Any tips on how to clean up again?
  15. AMGeed

    Chrome key problems?

    I had to make yet another visit to the dealers today because my chrome keyless go key is refusing to unlock the doors or start the car on occasion. (Driver KG handle needs replacing so using the key fob to unlock) I have been getting the message, key not found. or words to that effect and...
  16. brucemillar

    W124 Chrome Grille

    Friends I am looking for a pre-facelift chrome grille for my 124. Specifically I need the large outer chrome part (the bit that the MB star goes through). I would consider the complete grille if you you would rather not split. The chrome must be A1 on the outside. My own grille is very...
  17. GillyC63

    Wrapping Chrome trim

    Hi all Just after peoples views: I will be getting a quote on friday for the wrapping of all the window surrounds, front grille etc on my W204 C63 wagon in Obsidian black. Would people go for matt black or gloss black for the mentioned pieces I have already purchased gloss black badges to...
  18. Myclk55amg

    Chrome polishing

    Hi guys need you lots opinion on something?, what's the best things bringing the chrome back shinny and protecting it from getting really dirty again? I.e exhaust pipes
  19. clk320x

    Chrome Footrest Part Number

    I've just bought some Chrome Pedals from the forum (cheers Alps for the fast shipping) Has anyone got the part number for the chrome footrest plate as seen below; Thanks, Abs
  20. E

    Chrome Self-Adhesive Letters

    Now here's an oddball one... I'm trying to find a supplier of chrome self-adhesive letters, in the Franklin Gothic Heavy typeface, size 72 point. Google doesn't help. Neither can Aprilia (for one of whose bikes I need them). Anybody have any ideas?
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