1. h17n dj

    W126 Bumper Chromes

    Hello all, Does anybody have any Bumper chromes kicking about for a Gen II W126? Mainly interested in the side pieces as mine are shot. Thanks in advance.
  2. S

    W126 Rear Bumper Chromes

    Very good set of rear bumper chromes for sale. These are series one chromes. Going on e bay soon so make me an offer. Pics on request
  3. smoothrider

    W126 Door Chromes

    126 ers! Have any of you had any adventures removing the chrome strips that run along both sides of the roof on top of the front and back door frames? I can see they unscrew on the underside of the door frame lip and I want to get them off to clean them up. I'd appreciate any experiences...
  4. smoothrider

    bling bling bumper chromes

    Helloooo Anyone got any tips on cleaning W126 bumper chromes and window trims? What products techniques are good? Are they even actually chrome? ta!
  5. smoothrider

    quick!! MINT W126 chromes 200 QUID

    Mercedes SE / SEL W126 Bumper Chrome For Sale in Galway : ?250 - someones gonna be a happy chappy
  6. poormansporsche

    are C36 bumper chromes same as elegance ones ?

    like it says, want to colour code mine but would rather just buy a set of elegance ones and faff about with them than having my car in pieces for a while ?? any ideas cheers brett
  7. K

    W126 Rear Bumper Chromes

    1 good set Centre and sides £75 1 B/N set Centre and sides £100 Pre face lift My number is 07877475849
  8. kbhogalW126

    W126 Door Sill Chromes for sale

    have a set of four door sill chromes (still packaged) for sale for a W126 Saloon. I have bought them from Germany for our old W126 then she died! :( Anyways, Mrs B now has her W203 and says they either go to a good home or she will chuck the package in the bin as I'm not allowed to buy...
  9. SportsCoupeRich


    want some 20" spinners on my c coupé and was wonder..... :devil: joking.... but i seriously like the black chrome finish on the AMG styling iv that come with the sl65. Bearing in mind i already have the rims in non chrome-black finish how much would this cost to get converted...i'm expecting...
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