1. BaldGuy

    Chroming and Exhaust trim

    Does anyone know a good re-chroming company... The SL exhaust trim although originally black needs to be chrome, it lets the car down somewhat.... I dont want to pay telephone numbers and i dont have the time or patience to polish it up myself (as Spike did and that looked the dogs bits) All...
  2. Stormcrow66

    De chroming a E Class coupe

    Hello, Does anyone have any advice, ideally with pictures on how to de chrome an E Class coup sport from around the windows and along the side of the body and what was used in its place? Many thanks.
  3. M

    Front and rear light chroming.

    Hi All, Was thinking of putting those chrome surrounds on the front and rear lights of the CLK55. What do you guys think? Good Idea or not? Mac.
  4. benny

    I am Chroming my engine bay

    I dont know any of your thoughts on engine Chroming but ive started to do mine, not very good pic's but will get some more soon as ive cleaned the ass out of it. The bits so far...
  5. Iyse

    Cheap chroming

    Was in Halfords today and saw a 10m long strip of stick on chrome lining for £17 or something. I was thinking, although it looks cheap, could it be a suitable alternative for all the chrome outlines one can buy?
  6. B

    Chroming Wheels

    Hi guys, I am new to this forum, thought i'd see if anyone knows where I can get my wheels refurbished & chromed here in the uk!!! They are 17" AMGs need to get them blinging, also do you think chromed wheels get chroded quicker than the standard finish???
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