1. L

    well chuffed

    Had prestige all car parts in manchester contact me after an internet search for a glove box an rear facelifted lights, and after looking over their yard at a couple of cars, came away with a full leather interior for it aswell. All for the pricely sum of 350 quid
  2. K

    New and well chuffed

    Hi,Ive just bought a 2006 black C180 Kompressor,evolution s.Actually bought the car on Thursday but been locked away in the garage claying,polishing,sealing,engine bay detail and interior clean.I am slightly ocd when it comes to cars but the car now looks the dogs ******** and drives like new.
  3. Movi-Star

    Fitted a custom X-Pipe & decat to my C55 - well chuffed!!

    Watch with a decent PC speaker system!! ‪MERCEDES C55 AMG 5.4 V8 X-PIPE + DECAT EXHAUST UK‬‏ - YouTube After seeing the recent Y-Pipe decat being added to a C55 on here that finally spurred me on to get my X-Pipe made & fitted, I went for the X-Pipe crossover with 2 x 2.25" (rather than...
  4. D

    Eurocharged S600 bi-turbo remap - chuffed

    Hello All, I've spent years with Saabs but have recently acquired a '04 S600 for an extremely reasonable price. These cars are now amazingly good value and, although not cheap to run, give decent fuel consumption. I've been getting 27mpg imp. on the motorway and 21mpg A/B road driving. My...
  5. B

    Well chuffed!!

    Well i've finally got my clk, bright red on a 51 plate, exellent condition, everything works, very pleased!:D, only the handbook is my first question the windscreen washer bottle the big container on the right hand side as you look under the bonnet?? is the water heated...
  6. lynall

    Mpg pretty chuffed

    Went to Zwolle nl over weekend driving normally not to save fuel couldnt see mpg as had dash set up to kmh just reset this now and saw this:bannana: My old TD5 disco on the same route used to do 25/6 mpg and that was a manual and that was driving carefully:eek: . Lynall
  7. DSLiverpool

    I`m Chuffed With My Tech Ability ....

    Boot light faulty (not illuminated) Sprung light - some insulation tape and a 3 wire connection with one spade off Connected spade - full illumination Hmmm was the spade off cos the light is on permanently ? Pushed in button on boot frame - still on, pushed in button on boot lid - still...
  8. G-A-R-Y

    Got my new car, lucky find, chuffed as * with pics

    As you no I have been looking for a W210 buy got involved with the old W123 find. Whilst looking through Auto-Trader to price it I found a E320 CDI (2000) in the wrong section with no picture. I thought it was worth a look and went straight out to view. I bought it there and then and took it...
  9. Tony M

    Chuffed and now showing off !!

    We collected our car from Sindlefingen last week, and took a long route back. I feel like a dog with two Dicks now :bannana: :bannana: . . We also managed a visit to the AMG factory . . .
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