1. ricardo62

    how do i get to back of cig lighter

    Hi I refitted my radio in my e 320 cdi and i think i might of accidently pulled a connector off the back of my cigar lighter , as it now is not wrking , i use it for my satnav , , how do i remove it to check the wires , ive looked but i cant see how the surround its in , comes off . also now...
  2. smoothcoupe

    CIG lighter fuse location 2004 E55k

    Can anyone tell me CIG lighter location.
  3. R

    cig lighter part number???

    for the silver socket bit.. the tab at the bottom for the +ive is missing snapped off... and i need a new one... (CL)
  4. kevinofengland

    slk roof, mirror adjusters ,cig lighter prob

    SLK 230 2001 model I notice the roof mechanism, the interior control for the door mirrors and the cigarette lighter are not working. The flashing switch for the roof control is not flashing as before. The car went in and had a sensor fitted for the traction control and worked perfectly well...
  5. R

    ml270 cig lighter

    could anybody please tell me how to change the cigar lighter in the front console on my 2002 ml270, do I have to remove the whole console to do so. many thanks in advance.
  6. MSG2004

    Getting rid of cig smells

    Hello A party yesterday and had to give a smoker a lift. He did not smoke in the car as I did not allow it, but his clothes stunk. I got in the car this morning & it smelled. Sprayed Oust, sot & hard surface bacteria killer but smell was still there when i checked. I hate cig semlls...
  7. S

    Horn + Front/ Rear Cig Lighter Not Working

    Hi All The horn and both front and rear cigarette lighters on my 2003 ML270Cdi (w163) have died. Checked the fuses, all ok. That's where my limited electrical knowledge ends i'm afraid. I don't smoke, but my daughter uses the rear socket for a dvd so shes not a happy camper. Strangely, the 12v...
  8. J

    W203 Cig Lighter

    Does anybody know how to get to the back of the cigar lighter in a W203 Saloon. I want to install a second socket under the passenger seat for fridge/dvd player etc. It looks like the entire centre console has to come out which I cant believe. Or can I ................... :rolleyes:
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