1. B

    W204 C-class - cigarette lighter socket cover

    The lighter socket which is in the centre console - has anyone had any luck removing the spring loaded cover from it neatly? With my USB adapter in it, it hangs open just enough to stop the ashtray cover from closing, which is a little irritating. (I do have an adapter which is short enough...
  2. Druk

    Cigarette card collector on here?

    Anyone (of amateur status) interested in this subject? I have a small amount found in my mum's possessions and up for grabs.
  3. F

    ML270 51 plate wipers, stereo, cigarette lighter and rear wiper

    Hi My ML270 51 plate has had an intermittent fault where the wipers, stereo, cigarette lighter and rear wiper all fail at no notice. Usually they will come back at no notice either but now it appears that it has become a permanent fault.I've read somewhere that this could be a fault with a...
  4. Haven't a clue!

    hardwire multiple 12v & USB sockets from Cigarette socket supply

    Hi, On my post-facelift W204 (12/12) I want need multiple sockets to feed: 1- Dash Cam - Cig connector 2- Sat Navto - Cig connector 3- Phone Charger - USB 4- DAB Blue tooth Transmitter - USB 5- Spare USB (appreciate need to ensure draw/loading is sensible) Looking for clean and...
  5. waisal

    1999 W202 Cigarette lighter

    Hello Does anyone if the cigarette lighter in a 1999 W202 can be used as a 12v power supply mine doesnt work I have checked the fuse and it is all OK also replaced 15amp fuse with a new one. Changed the ashtray and socket with a guaranteed used part and still does not work. The charger...
  6. R

    Front Cigarette Lighter NOT working E220 - LN12 Plate

    Al - a relatively new MB converter so please bear with me. Just bought 12 plate (LN12...) E220 from Car Giant <24 hours ago. Everything is great except a small niggle with front cigarette lighter not working, one at the rear works fine. I have read through the manual and it mentions that...
  7. T

    2008 CLK 220 cigarette lighter delayed switch off

    Hi Guys & Girls, quick question (Hopefully) I'm looking to extend the switch off time of my cigarette lighter right now it switches off with the engine ignition which I dont mind, however i drive other vehicles which have a delay of about 6-8 Mins, which allows things like satnav to continue...
  8. R

    R Class - change cigarette socket

    Hi, this works fine apart from all plastic is loose around it now and when you pull your usb charger out, the whole unit lifts out..... Can anyone advise how to change this socket, do I have to remove the console to get to the connectors? If so any pics available ? Thanks
  9. P

    R170 SLK cigarette lighter

    By continually twisting her phone converter in the cigarette lighter, my wife has managed to disconnect the cigarette lighter from its plug inside the centre console. I have removed the ciggie lighter, but the wiring on the plug inside the console isn't long enough to pull it through the hole...
  10. F

    2002 c230k Coin fell in cigarette lighter and now radio does not work

    Hi, I have a 2002 c230k coupe. A 5p coin fell in the cigarette lighter and instantly the stereo died. I understand this is probably a fuse issue. Which fuse needs to be replaced and where is it located?
  11. P

    w211 rear cigarette assembly

    Need the lighter itself along with the housing it sits in, see pic below
  12. D

    fused cigarette lighter

    W124 E280 estate- was using lighter socket to inflate trailer tyres- used it for too long and fuse blew- when I replace fuse it instantly fuses again- clearly I have done a mischief to lighter socket but now my Parrot handsfree wont work- any easy fix to remove lighter socket or disconnect it...
  13. Chalpkin

    Fuse for front cigarette lighter in 2001 W203.

    Hi everyone, Where (which number), is the the fuse for the cigarette lighter in the front of a 2001 C320 Saloon. Regards, Chalpkin.
  14. B

    Cigarette lighter

    Hi, I have no cigarett lighter socket in my facelift 2008 SLK, where is the wiring situated for retro fit, need it for my satnav. Thanks.
  15. KillerHERTZ

    Cigarette Racing Team inspired by the G63 AMG

    Commanding Status: Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Inspires the Cigarette 42' Huntress On Thursday, February 14 at the Miami International Boat Show, the world will be introduced to the third collaboration between the Cigarette Racing Team and Mercedes-AMG in the form of the 42 Huntress Inspired by...
  16. L

    cigarette lighter and radio not working?

    hi drove round part of M25 the other day hit a bump with offside tyres and suddenly the radio stopped working , no power at all. also the cigarette lighter isint working is it a fuse? where is it located or has a cable popped out? thanks for help
  17. A

    How to wire into a cigarette lighter & how do the vents on the armrest come apart

    Hello My rear armrest DVD arrived, and seems quite good. I will have a go at installing this, the mount looks easy enough and it comes with two leads to power it, a standard cigarette lead that just plugs in or this one... Now I wouldn't need the RCA connecting up but what do I connet...
  18. J

    ISO Connector Pins to 12v Cigarette Port

    Hi All, My new Merc W212 is arriving Monday, very excited as this is my first Merc having jus moved away from Jags. As thecar is on contract hire, I cannot make any mods to the vehicle, however I am planning to install the Alpine EZI DAB (same as Pure 300Di) to the car. To avoid cutting into...
  19. T

    Front Cigarette lighter :( no power and phone type for Command system NTG1 audio50aps

    I did not know desperately how to make it work my cigarette lighter , I try everything , check all the fusses , under the hood, in the trunk and at the interior of the vehicle , read all articles about that, and I couldn't find the solution.Are there any other stuff for checking? I recently...
  20. KillerHERTZ

    AMG announce C63 inspired 2700hp Black Series Cigarette boat

    AMG announce C63 inspired 2700hp Black Series Cigarette boat Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing took their alliance to a new level with the debut of the "Black Series" 50' Marauder Cigarette boat, inspired by the C63 AMG Black Series While each brand's products always exemplify the...
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