1. guydewdney

    anyone know cigars?

    found three boxes of cuban cigars, one unopened, from my grandfather (who died in 1995 aged 80). He was quite wealthy, and wouldnt have bought rubbish. ill post up pics when i can, but is it worth it, or are 30yr old cigars just firelighters now?

    Cigars anyone?

    I have a box of 25 Romeo Y Julieta Tubos No 1. £260 for the box including postage. Cheapest I have seen is £329. Highest over £400. Genuine items in unopened box complete with seals. One box only.
  3. Aletank

    FOR SALE: Quality Cigars

    I have 2 boxes of quality cigars as listed below for sale. These are my Dads, due to the smoking ban and having to stand outside for a smoke, he doesn't bother now. I think he'd be stood outside all night smoking just one of these :devil: Box of 50 King Edward Invincible : £35 + £7.50 Next...
  4. Honey Bear

    Cars, Cigars. Humidors aparently

    Good Morning Boys & Girls. As some of you know I LOVE cigars. Cigars are strongly tied into my family history. Cars and Cigars - thats whats me and most of my family are about lol. well I logged into my inbox this morning and found this. Ferrari inspired and will apparently fit in any car...
  5. Koolvin


    I have 3 Boxes of Cigars from Cuba 'Bolivar Habana, 25 Belicosos Finos' 2 boxes 'Sancho Panza Habana' 25. 1 box. These are all in wooden boxes, I am told they are worth 700 Pounds. I am selling them for my dad anyone who gives me the best offer secures.
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