1. Tan

    Home Cinema

    Hi I am looking to upgrade my home-cinema set up. I currently have KEF Egg speakers, Rel Sub and Yamaha Receiver. I am a big fan of B&W speakers so am looking at the 686 S2 speakers for the fronts and rears and a HTM62 S2 for the centre, though am yet to go and listen to them. What...

    Best Cinema Car Chase of All Time...?

    Surely the winner:thumb: 31JgMAHVeg0 wk9SZbrh_Tg Close 2nd? IzEloJ5venk 3rd? MxxH0lZSYgU
  3. kap02

    Home Cinema 5.1 speaker system (Monitor Audio)

    Unfortnatley I am selling my mint condition 5.1 home cinema speaker system, it has been owned for 2 years with very little use. As my son is now starting to crawl, he has already set his sights on destroying the speakers ! Before this happens I am looking to replace them with a wall...
  4. Happytalk73

    Help me find a soundbar or cinema system.

    Hello to all you tech geeks. :D We bought a curved Samsung 48" TV before Christmas. (UE48JS8500) I promised myself to a new cinema system or sound bar. That time has come. TBH the only reason being that we're sick of controlling the on/off & volume of the TV & existing cinema system...
  5. N

    40% off Odeon Cinema tickets, this weekend only.

    Use the code NOV40 online this weekend (13th to 15th November 2015) to save 40%.
  6. N

    ODEON: Two (£10) or Five (£20) Cinema Tickets, Locations Nationwide

    If you go to the flicks regularly this is a good deal. The Deal Fanatical About Film, ODEON are offering cinema lovers the chance to see Hollywood’s latest releases with two or five tickets. Valid for standard seating at screenings until 19 December, tickets can be used for 2D and 3D films...
  7. Mat B

    Recommend a modern home cinema system.

    Hi all I'm looking to update my current system (celestion and Marshall) and get a modern looking home cinema system. I've had a quick nosey at what Bose has to offer but that's about it. Can anyone recommend a decent system please Thanks Matt
  8. K

    Home cinema

    I know a lot of people using the term home cinema, and mostly would be a TV with multi speakers set up. I think in terms of value for money, I would go for projectors, real big screen entertainment :thumb: I am always a bit of a big screen fan, last year, I've purchased a 3D Epson projector...
  9. eGuru

    Apple 20 inch Cinema Display

    Surplus to requirements, 20" Apple Cinema Display in excellent condition complete with power brick. £160 plus shipping. Similar model here
  10. BillyW124

    LG 5.1 Wireless 3D Blu Ray Home Cinema. Brand new unboxed

    Un opened LG home cinema system. Bought it for my place a few months back and was an impulse buy for the spare room which doesn't need it anymore. I demo'd the system in store and it rocks. Wireless speakers, comes with Blu ray player etc.. I bought it from Curry's and paid £479.99. It's now...
  11. N

    30% off Odeon cinema tickets voucher.

    ODEON - Save 30% Off Your Ticket
  12. Igurisu

    Aurora shooting: Colorado gun sales up after cinema killings

    BBC News - Aurora shooting: Colorado gun sales up after cinema killings Beggars belief, imagine what would/could have happened with 10 or 20 trigger happy people responding/retaliating to the lone gunman?
  13. R

    Home cinema room

    Just converting my garage into a living room and we have decided to make it a cinema/console/computer/music room, I would like to go down the in wall speaker route 5-1 with a subwoofer parked up in one corner. I'm not cash rich so please do not recommend 50 k speakers with cables made out of...
  14. Alps

    Home Cinema speakers

    Need some help here guys delving into the pit of home cinema, got a nice tv, just bought a nice onkyo 608 amp, need to get some speakers, any reccomendations? so far people have said Bose Acoustimass Kef 3005 cambridge 225 or 325 audio also looks good i dont want to pay the earth...
  15. N

    40% off Odeon cinema tickets voucher.

    ODEON - Save 40% Off Your Ticket
  16. M

    new Television/home cinema

    Have £500 to spend because I am tight:D what should we get. Only need 32". room is akwardly laid out (sofas at angles to each other and TV at an angle to both of them) so not sure 5.1 is strictly necessary. do we need blue ray? any suggestions?
  17. Tan

    Home Cinema speakers

    Hi I am in the process of putting together a home cinema system to upgrade my current HiFi set up. I have brought an Onkyo AV Receiver and was going to use this with my B&W hi-fi speakers and buy a sub, however after some safety concerns that my son my knock the speakers over, I have...
  18. Lugy

    What should I see at the cinema tonight?

    Taking my sister to the cinema and I don't want to be lumbered with some rubbish. What should I go and see? :o
  19. K

    Bose Acoustimass 6 Mk2 Home Cinema Speakers

    I`m selling my Bose Acoustimass 6 MK2 Speaker set: 5+ subwoofer. Warranty another 2 years with Bose UK. Rarely used as I have B&W. All packed up ready to go. Not in original packaging. Mint condition. Black colour. Bose wall brackets included. Price: £ 600 Can deliver within M25 area. Pm for...
  20. DSLiverpool

    NEW Panasonic SC-HT 1500 Home Cinema / DVD / HD / Tuner & Speakers + Sub

    This Panasonic SC-HT 1500 is new and sealed in the box but is an obsolete model, I was keeping it for my cinema room but things havent quite turned out that way. Google it and its a well rated kit and was about £900 3 years ago, looking for £300 plus a haggle over delivery - it is a big box so...
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