1. rom1

    round circle on dash

    There is a circle shaped grill/vent on the dash inline with indicator stalk. Does anyone know what it is?
  2. S

    B class sport cdi gearbox leaking from passenger side small round plastic circle gone

    Hi can anyone tell me what the cap on the passenger side of gearbox is called it has gone and oil,is coming out of it ,it is on the side if you put your arm up inside the passenger wheel arch
  3. The _Don

    Circle them wagons: PH Blog ( c63 m156 new c63s m177 )

    Tester prefers m156 over new m177 engine, he had a c63 507 wagon as a loaner for quite a long period so has plenty of experience of the m156.
  4. E

    Amazing turning circle.

    I cannot believe how good the turning circle is on my w202 c230k sport. I've had enough cars, and nothing has come close. No wonder they use these things as taxis! Are all Mercs the same?
  5. V

    Circle stickers ontop on Xenon Headlamps

    Circle stickers on top of Xenon Headlamps Hi, can anyone please tell me what the significance of circular stickers on top of the front headlamps are? I have seen these on an ML and a couple of other cars too, which all have Xenons. Just was curious, as every other car with Xenons dont have...
  6. M

    pitch circle diameter?

    ive recently bought a set of wheels with a PCD of 114.3, but my PCD on my W202 is 112, how can i change this so that the wheels will fit my car? any adaptors etc available?
  7. SportsCoupeRich

    brabus steering circle!

    nice addition for any w210 owners out there....
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