1. A

    Cisco event at MB world tommorow? anyone going

    Hello I was offered some tickets to this today, but declined as bit last minuite and a little far... OOh and the fact its our daughters 1st day at nursery :) Anyway, anyone going? I wasn't really listening to the rep offering me the tickets to be honest but has to be a good jolly ...
  2. Koolvin

    Cisco 7960G IP Phone

    I have no use for this anymore... It comes with a optional cisco power adaptor worth £20 if you don't have POE.
  3. Alfie

    Any Cisco experts out there!

    Does anyone know the sequence of commands to use to monitor the ip traffic that is being sent down a particular port on a Cisco 6509? I need to see what IP's are sending traffic, and how much traffic, to the host that is on the end of my GigabitEthernet9/11 port? Any ideas?
  4. Koolvin

    Cisco and SIP phones

    Anyone got a Cisco SIP phone?
  5. guydewdney

    Anyone to set up Cisco router / adsl wic?

    got a cisco router i was given :rock: , with driver CD and control cable and adsl wic. all brand new and not 'off a lorry' ;) totally OTT for home BB - but hey, its free... :) :bannana: But - i have nooooo idea on how to set it up - anyone fancy pickign it up and setting it up to act as...
  6. Ted

    Cisco Pix firewall

    I'm trying to set up a static nat translation through a pix 515e firewall.... outside firewall interface is inside I'm trying to do a nat from to I've tried setting this up from the pdm, but it doesn't seem to work. command line...
  7. WLeg

    Cisco - anyone Know them ?

    Can anyone help me with a Cisco 1721 router problem ? I need to connect one to a BT broadband service, so the ADSL interface needs DHCP, and the internal one to be on a 192.168.x.x address, if anyone has a template config file (I understand the basics of Cisco IOS 12.1) they could send me or...
  8. Maff

    Cisco person needed

    Hi All, I know it's not MB related, but I thought I'd offer this consultancy job to people here first, as I know there were a few redundacies towards the end of last year. Basically I’m looking for a person with network design and Cisco knowledge (BGP and VLAN knowledge is a must) to help...
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