1. wu56Shoozz

    Surf City Garage Black Edge.

    ..Two of my vehicles are black in colour - The Vito Is Carbon Black and the C 320 is Diamond Black.. Now, I can get them shiny - I use Autoglymn SRP followed by Autoglymn High Gloss then a coating of Meguiars Gold Class Carnuba Plus but for me I just can't get them to display that "Watery...
  2. moonloops

    Best sub £1k 4 door city car?

    Bangernomic spec as above, manual, 4 door car with low tax bracket if possible. Would like something moderately reliable. It's for my mate Dave, not me :thumb:
  3. markjay

    'Chemical incident' in London City Airport

    London City Airport evacuated in 'chemical' scare - BBC News The big question.... accident, or terror-related?
  4. M

    Mercedes city bus of the future - Video

    Mercedes city bus of the future LJHgz6B5L0E S5zaVmui8dI
  5. Screwdriver

    Millennium City Garages - Central London (Southwark)

    After my terrible experience with Ivan from Automerc, I'd be interested in any feedback/ experience with this central London Mercedes Specialist. My initial impressions are positive given how friendly the owner Nick was to all his customers, not just me and how thorough he was with the MOT...
  6. B

    RI29 questions for city

    Hello I am considering r129 500. I have some questions if you can help. 1. What fuel economy can I have in city? 2. I drive car but my wife has not. Is steering ok for lady? 3. Is airbag ok on r129 car? They seem old now. Will it function? How to check? Thanks for your help, M.
  7. Bobby Dazzler

    Most secure car park in Manchester City Centre

    I'm looking for recommendations for the most secure overnight parking in Manchester. Cost is not important but security is. PS Are there any Japanese style automated car parks which don't allow human access to where the cars are stored?
  8. Fryingpan78

    Sound City, BBC4 10:15

    Really good documentary film this, the rise and fall of one of the most influential recording studios of the last ~30 years. Contains lots of Dave Grohl, Fleetwood Mac.... -t
  9. Spinal

    Land Rover City Lite Folding bike?

    I was at CostCo yesterday when I spotted a land rover branded folding bike, labelled at the "City Lite". I can't find any reviews online... has anyone tried these? Are they worth anything? M.
  10. A

    AK57TTJ CLS driver: possible attack in the City

    I spotted this thread on a cycling forum I frequent. Looks a nasty piece of work, that driver... 2013-04-17 - Rider Down/Assault, Chancery Lane - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed Anyone seen this CLS about??
  11. WesLangdon

    Silver City chic

    mercedes 300e 24v (500e replica) best around been in merc owners numerous time | eBay photos of the interior would be nice and I suppose the blackout film is easy enough to remove
  12. Whitey

    Sim City 4

    Being low on real funds this month, I treated myself to a copy to kill time untill payday. I am addicted ! Any one else play this ?
  13. U

    city powder coating

    Hi has any one use these guys they seem to have some good deals going thanks
  14. T

    Favourite city?

    So, what is your favourite city in the world and why? I'm a big fan of exploring sprawling cities and metropolises when I am on my travels and am lucky enough to have been to a fair few over the last ten years or so. For me.... 1 Lisbon great working city. Nightlife and the people, love it...
  15. npuk

    City Powder Coaters Birmingham

    Bit of a long shot but if anyone is planning on making a trip to City Powder Coaters in Birmingham in the next few weeks from around London and you can fit an extra set of wheels please let me know. Thanks.
  16. brucemillar

    Seeking Help. WWII Merchant Navy - City of Bath - Ellerman Lines

    Folks I am doing some long overdue research into a (now deceased) family members time in the Merchant Navy Convoys during WWII. He was Chief Engineer on the following ship: City of Bath Torpedoed & sunk by U508 on the 02nd December 1942 of the coast of Brazil. Searches on The U-boat Wars...
  17. neilz

    A city with no public transport?

    =9590"]News Could Budapest really lose its public transport very very soon?
  18. michaelk3289

    Man City beat Man United at Old trafford

    I have waited 32 years for that result, 32 years what a magical moment!!!!!! enough said
  19. AJA

    City Powder Coating

    Take a look at this offer guys & gals - City Powder Coaters Ltd. Birmingham. 0121 448 7646. A friend of mine has used them and the results are amazing - Before - Afters - Anybody else used them?
  20. R

    who used to work in The City but has since left?

    Hi Following on from this thread: I was wondering who used to work in The City and has now left, either a new job, a change in lifestyle etc. If so what did you do and what do you do now? Just found it...
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