1. Spera

    nokia CK-1W needs wires soldered

    Hello again, my 5 yr old son accidentally kicked the sound control dial for my nokia CK-1W bluetooth breaking the wires to the dial. My bluetooth still works but I now have to press button on handset to answer. I would like to solder these back on but need to know which colour wire goes to which...
  2. Spera

    nokia CK-1W code needed

    I have a nokia bluetooth which is CK-1W and not CK-7W .CK-7W password is either 0000 or 1234 when reset but this does not apply to mine.I need the code for my CK-1W,having read many posts it is the last 4 digits on the unit , I checked behind the glove box but it isnt there as far as I can...
  3. P

    Nokia BT CK-1W in C180K Sports Coupe

    Hi Does anyone hae any experience fitting one of these kits in a Sports Coupe? I'm a complete novice but am up for a challenge and would be grateful if someone could let me know if it's straightforward. Have heard that it's not possible to use the steering wheel buttons is this correct...
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