1. allias

    Nokia CK-7W vs. sterring wheel controls

    Friend of mine just bought E210 with factory radio with Nokia CK-7W bluetooth kit and he can operate everything thru his sterring wheel. How?? Is all included with kit for Merc or is it something special?
  2. marty359

    Audio 10 and ck-7w playing up.

    Hi, Ive got an audio 10,cd changer,bose amp and a nokia ck-7w car kit fitted which is playing up.The screen on the audio 10 is frozen on 'PHONE' a call came through the speakers as usual and muted the stereo but after hanging up the call the stereo is dead and just displays phone. So before i...
  3. B

    iPhone 3G and Nokia CK-7W bluetooth kit

    Has anyone tried the Nokia CK-7W bluetooth kit and iPhone 3G together? I'm contemplating an iPhone but I have to have hands-free And I don't want one of those stupid earpieces! Nick Froome
  4. Gollom

    Help Needed with plumbing in CK-7W

    Any kind soul up my neck of the woods able to help me plumb this in with the autolead telemute into a W211 E-class (or know anybody?) Can be in near 124works, Manchester, Blackburn or even Leeds way. I can dismantle the console like a wizard now but so many leads going everywhere from the...
  5. Gollom

    Autoleads telemute to Nokia CK-7W - help please?

    Now got the correct lead (thanks to Nexxia :rock:) and am going to install it in my E-class. Three questions from anybody with the correct knowledge if I may: There seems an awful lot of cable and stuff to tuck behind the radio - is there a trick to making it all fit? (Don't have a CD changer)...
  6. J

    CLK cabrio (W208) Audio 10 and Nokia CK-7W

    OK guys, been lurking and searching for a while and seen lots of ideas for add-on mobile phone kits but nithing that I'd buy. So, here's a challenge for you techies out there. What combination of Nokia CK-7W and the various autoleads (mute, sound through speaker, etc) will fully integrate with...
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