1. Pete W

    CKS Performance ECU upgrade - Thoughts

    Hi All When I bought my car it had already had a CKS Performance ECU upgrade and cross pipe fitted. What are peoples thoughts on the CKS ECU upgrade and who's ECU upgrade is it actually or is it CKS's own ? Link to ECU add on CKS site AMG C63 ECU Remap AMG C63 ECU Remap [ECU-204-12] - £559.20...
  2. K

    R320 cks performance grille install how?

    Title wrong sl 02-07 r230 Bought new grille R230 SL Black Single Slat grille all models without Distronic R230 SL Black Single Slat grille all models without Distronic [WE-G0129-A1-BK-NON] - £115.95 : CKS Performance Two hours and i could not fit. Hands ripped the shreads. Old one just slid...
  3. F

    CKS performance?

    So I've been looking at the parts on offer from these guys and that they can also fit them, thought ah fantastic, then read dozens of totally terrible reviews for them, but most are from quite a while ago, has there been any significant change with them by any chance? Thanks
  4. merc85

    CKS any good?

    Anyone had dealings with CKS Tuning & Exhausts : CKS Performance
  5. M

    Thule Roof Bars +Bike rack, CKS Grill, Snow Socks and Boot Liner

    All, My '62 C350 goes back next week, so I have the following available... Thule roof bars (wing bar edge 959X + fixing kit) (£220 new) Thule bike carrier (proride 591) (£70 new) CKS Performance grill (£110 new) Plastic boot liner (£30 new) Multi grip Snow socks XXL (unused -...
  6. C

    CKS W219 Grille

    Bought a W219 grille from CKS. I live in Northern Ireland and delivery should have been tomorrow or Monday. Received today and bought yesterday. Excellent communication throughout, excellent product (pics coming, looks awesome) and excellent price. Highly recommend CKS to anyone, they are...
  7. T

    Wheels from cks Watford

    Hi , I'm looking for a set of wheels for my c63 amg, and there's some black wheels with a silver lip for around £850, I think they look great, and will set off my c63 a treat. Any have these wheels ? Any pics maybe?? Thank you
  8. G

    CKS Grille Help

    Hi All, today I received my c63 style grille from CKS Performance but I'm not sure if They've sent me the correct one! I ordered this one - W204 Sport Grille C63 look Black with Chrome slat - 2011+ Models W204 Sport Grille C63 look Black with Chrome slat - 2011+ Models [WE?G0140-A3-BK-2] -...
  9. Maurauth

    CKS Performance

    I've done a search of the forums and read the horror stories about this company but they all seem to be a good few years ago. Has anyone used them recently, on the off chance they might have turned over a new leaf/cleaned up their act? It seems quite hard to find a good company that sell...
  10. J4miejenks

    CKS W204 Sports Grill

    As above really, for my 2011 C class Saloon. Thanks
  11. mars1960

    CKS Experience.

    Well done Chet, i just had to thank this guy for taking the trouble to sort out a problem with a purchase. The story (abridged version). Last august i purchased some arrow style wing mirrors and gave the year of registration instead of the model year, subsequently i received the wrong part. I...
  12. fil28

    Cks performance

    As anyone had a remap by these guys, I am after recommendations for where to take my C63
  13. G

    C250 CDI Quad Exhaust by CKS Performance

    Evening all, Just thought I would share my experience/results from todays (very rainy) trip to CKS Performance in Watford. I have previously ordered the boot spoiler they offer and thought I would give them a go. I had the C63 Quad Exhaust and Diffuser Package fitted, took about 4 hours to...
  14. portal_96

    Cks grille w204

    Evening, i purhased one of these for my MY13 w204 and it came today. I've wasted no time in fitting it but i'm slighy disappointed that it doesnt seem to fit right to the edges along the vertical sides... Has anybody else had this problem? I note the box it had come in says 'for w204 '07-on'...
  15. B

    cks back box

    Hi has anyone fitted a twin tail back box from cks ? does it make a better noise ? iam thinking of having one fitted to my slk 230k ?
  16. A

    Anyone used CKS Performance

    Hi, Anyone had dealings with CKS Performance. I'm looking at getting quad exhausts for my CLK63 Convertible. Appreciate any feedback or other options. Cheers, Rob.
  17. B

    EMP or CKS Exhaust

    Hi, Deciding whether to get an EMP or CKS cat and resonator delete kit on my SL55, just wanted to gauge your experiences of those who have them fitted? Thanks
  18. Medders3245

    R230 SL Black single slat grille ( CKS) For Sale

    For sale ... I recently bought the CKS ( Watford) AMG look single slat grille for my SL350 for £125 + P&P . It has been fitted for just over a month and is a straight swap for the old grille ( 4 small nuts) It looks good but I have decided I want to keep the car original. The item is still with...
  19. Igurisu

    CKS Grill - Quality?

    Hi all, I like the look of this single slat grill from CKS, W209 CLK Single Slat Sport grille Black for all models Mercedes W209 CLK Single Slat grille for models from 2002 [GCL209] - £125.99 : CKS Performance Has anybody bought one or seen one in the flesh? I'm wondering what the...
  20. I

    W211 E280CDI Full AMG Styling & CKS Quad Exhaust & Performance‏

    Hi, CKS Performance‏ is the best place to get your car look really stylish. i have a e class w211 and CKS Performance‏ has done a amazing job on my car. A big thanks to Chet and to all CKS team. i would highly recomend CKS Performance Ltd ‏for perormance, Exhaust , Body works. very frendly team...
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