1. S

    Aftermarket double din replacement for a 2004 CL203

    Hi, I have a 2004 C320 Coupe, which I believe its code name is CL203? It has a Comand unit. I think it's the NTG2. Has anyone replaced this with an aftermarket solution, like a JVC KW-M730BT or Kenwood DMX-7017DABS ? I'm interested on being able to use Car Play or Android Auto but just...
  2. B

    CL203 Roof Bars

    Hi, I'm a newby and desperately trying to find a set of roof bars (preferably the OEM version) for a 2003 C180 Sports Coupe - I have the panoramic roof version if that makes any difference. Anyone got a pair gathering dust?
  3. D

    CLC 2008 (CL203) Wiring Harness possibly damage causing U0101 & Limp Mode

    Help and advice would be very much appreciated. Having some automatic transmission issue causing the car to go Limp mode. Car would drive but 30min into drive and the gear indicator and driving mode (P,N,R, D & C,S,M) in dash would disappear and reappear intermittently but would end up...
  4. S

    Replacement Intake Manifold Switchover Diaphragm for 2006 M272 (CL203 2.5 V6)

    Hi everyone, Hoping someone can help me, my C230 started throwing up a P2006 code and after nearly passing out from the quote to repair it from a local indy I started googling about and found the repair kits and cracked on with pulling the Intake Manifold off. Whilst the lever is snapped...
  5. B

    new member possibly buy a CL203

    hello, I've always driven VW's but have the opportunity to buy a low mileage 56 plate c220 cdi sport auto.
  6. B

    CL203 220 cdi Sport Auto

    Hello, New member, I'm looking at buy a 2006 model with 56'000 miles on the clock. Full Mercedes main dealer history. Is there a buyers guide on here? or is there any known issues that I should check out? Many thanks
  7. 350_Coupe

    CL203 Rear number plate bolt problem fix

    ok, the simple task of changing the rear number plate on my 203 Coupe caused me more of a headache than i expected, so figured i'd post the fix here, in the hope it helps someone else in the future. Originally, before i purchased my car, it was on private plates, and the garage that swapped...
  8. 3ayg

    Cl203 remote central locking not working

    Right I've read so many threads about the rubbish design of the coupes central locking and radio amp but never actually found a deffinative answer. I have a 2005 c220 cdi sport coupe that I can no longer lock/unlock from a distance and I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out, it's...
  9. V

    CL203 Interior mirror retrofit

    Hi all, sorry for barging in like this, newbie here. I need some advice. Been searching a lot but can't quite get it right. My car is a 2006 W203 SportCoupe (CL203). It's got the standard manual dip interior mirror. I bought a new one from E-Bay. It's got the auto dimming option and the small...
  10. S

    CL203 - LCD Display issue

    Hi All Please forgive me if this has been asked before - I did a bit of looking and couldn't see anything too obvious. I've got a 2004 C Class Coupe C220 CDI. I think this is a facelift car (not totally sure). Anyway, the car is fine, but I've got a problem with the LCD screen in the...
  11. L

    mercedes c180 cl203 high idle speed

    hi i have a mercedes c180k coupe 1.8 petrol manual 2004 the idle speed stays at 1200rpm for long periods of time on idle and the gradually creeps back to normal. i innitially tried unplugging the air mass sensor and this cured the problem but did bring the eml light on, i replaced the airmass...
  12. Dave Richardson

    CL203 Front bumper insert part number

    I need to buy a new or s/h near side front bumper insert trim for my 2002 CL203. Would anyone know the part number and or if an insert from a saloon would fit ? I know that I could phone the dealership but they may get a tad as-ey if I just ask the number & then go off on e bay to source...
  13. dokalj

    W203/ Cl203 Alpaca Grey Coupe Seats

    As per the title, I am after some front seats for 203 coupe. Ideally, these would be heated and the drivers seat needs to have memory function. Thanks
  14. B

    NTG2.5 (MF2830) installation into a CL203 - compatibile?

    Hi all, Had my very first mercedes for about a week now. C180K CL203 05 plate. Impulsive buy. I was looking at changing my 11th old citroen xsara 1.4 next year anyway, but saw the merc for sale and had to bring forward my plans! Love the car, great to drive. However, just...
  15. E

    cl203 autbox problems when engine warm

    I have owned my car for a week and discovered that there is a problem with the outbox when the engine is warm, rather than cold. My daily drive is around 6-7 miles and when I make that journey, the engine and gearbox are lovely and smooth and a pleasure to drive, you barely notice the...
  16. E

    new CL203 owner

    Hi Everyone Just posting to introduce myself. I have just bought a 2002 C Class coupe with 86k on the clock. It's my first Merc (I previously drove a Ford Probe so definitely a major upgrade!), and I love it! I got it cheap as it had not been driven in a while, so a couple of minor (I hope)...
  17. N

    replacing suspension components CL203

    I'm soon to collect a CL203 230k. Its low mileage and in pretty good condition. It failed the last MOT on suspension components. ARB links and bushes, lower arm bush. Front spring snapped, and the bearings also have a little play (I was just going to tighten these up). I've bought a full arm...
  18. L

    FK Silverline Coilovers- CL203 CLC and Sport Coupe- W203 Chassis

    Hi All, Please find my FK Silverline Coilovers for sale. I purchased them from Venom Motorsport for £447 in October 2013 and have had them fitted to my 2008 CLC since March 2014. Although they are for the CL203 (CLC and Sport Coupe) they may actually fit other W203 C Class models and...
  19. anfieldassasin

    cl203 horn fuse

    does anyone know where the fuse for the horn is located and what number it is for a 2003 c203 coupe (c180K)? I changed the buttons on the steering wheel with some used ones and for some reason the buttons are working the opposite way round and the horn has stopped working! there is only 1...
  20. M

    CL203 door wiring

    Hi everyone I'm a massive fan of the forum and hopefully somebody can help me? I have a 2008 CLC and have recently added LED footwell lights to the car by tapping into the glovebox light. A massive improvement and a feature I believe the car should have from factory! I am now looking to...
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