1. abecketts

    Cl420 6500 miles just over £18k and its yours Think I'll have to give this one a miss but I love the retro Motorola car phone in matching wood trim. I love an optimist.
  2. Reggie-rock

    Check out this CL420 on ebay

    Mercedes CL420 coupe NO RESERVE Looks a very good buy if you like the colour, but be quick the auction finishes at 09:58 this morning.
  3. ioweddie

    I came across this CL420 V8 on Wightbay

    I have no connection with this car but thought it might be of interest to anyone on here. Car is on the Isle of Wight 1997 MERCEDES CL420 AUTO. Superb V8 Coupe with FSH in Cowes, Isle Of Wight
  4. d w124

    Cheap CL420

    Good for someone as a project.Drives nice but bodywork is a bit tatty Azurite blue with grey leather,158k tax and tested.Will post pictures soon Open to sensible offers
  5. M

    My C124 E320 vs my Parents' C140 CL420

    Good evening everyone. I recently collected my E320 from my Mercedes Specialist after almosst 4 months away. It was filthy; dusty, really in need of a wash. Following a month of useage, my parents' CL420 was in an equally horrid state, so I decided to lavish some cleaning TLC upon both...
  6. I

    CL420 key doesn't open doors any more

    Hi everyone, Since my E500 was damaged in a accident today, I am relying on my CL420 (W140) to get me around. Just went out and noticed that the key fob doesn't do anything. Key guy down the road who replaced the battery 2 months ago, checked fob on this board thing to see whether it was...
  7. J

    reconditioned steering box for 1998 cl420

    Hi guys can anyone tell me where i might be able to get a reconditioned. steering box for a close 420 I have tried eurocar parts .ms and gsf. but no luck with those guys. i don't want to go second hand if i can help it
  8. Borys

    A give away cl420

    Shame I'm so far away
  9. 300CE

    1997 mercedes cl420 auto blue

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  10. 300CE

    MERCEDES CL420 Coupe

    These seem to be a bargain at the mo: MERCEDES CL420 Coupe | eBay
  11. 300CE

    1996 mercedes cl420 coupe

    1996 MERCEDES CL420 COUPE - AMG BADGED - CL 420 500 | eBay
  12. J

    need help with cl420

    guys on my car in the morning or when its cold when i start the car the choke comes on as normal but the bas asr light comes on eng runs ruff smells like gas so i kill the car and start it up and add some gas ad its ok let it warm up for 30 sec and its good runs very good and if i drive it rund...
  13. Borys

    Breaking cl420 1996 model

    Anybody needs anything let me know.I'm a private seller - cheap parts. Car is black with grey interior.
  14. C

    CL420 Just switches off!! Help!!

    Anyone know why a 97' CL420 would just switch itself when ticking over stationary, or when coasting up to junctions? Very intermittent, never happens when bombing along using the gas, only coasting, or idling. Snap on scanner indicated issues with throttle body potentiometer and air mass...
  15. Borys

    1996 cl420 for parts

    Anybody need anything? Will still drive it till friday and then it will be SORN.
  16. Borys

    1996 cl420 - would there be any interest?

    Got a dilemma,got a bit bored with my cruizer. It is 1996 cl420 with 106k on the clock. -full respray -light tints -xenons -20" wheels with pirelli tyres -custom exhuast with brabus tips -lowerred -new bilstein shocks -new black diamond discs drilled and grooved Car is one of a kind and I'm...
  17. Borys

    My Cl420 custom exhaust sound,couple clips

    This set up was done by Cks performance. One clip by them and the other by me. Enjoy YouTube - CKS Sport Exhaust Mercedes C140 CL420 YouTube - mercedes w140 coupe V8 custom exhaust sound :rock:
  18. Borys

    my cl420

    Hello everyone, Couple of shots of my cl420 lowerred,xenons,brabus exhaust,full respray,light tints,upgraded brakes
  19. h17n dj

    CL420 heating system problem

    Hello there all... first of all i hope i have posted this in the correct section, if not then my apologies... a friend of mine has an "R" plate CL420 (W140 i think!?) and as the title suggests he has problem witgh his heating system. all of the lights come on and the temperatures, settings and...
  20. jonnyboy

    CL420 for quick sale

    Hi all Bought this one as an intended project but haven't got around to it and have no time at all right now. CL420 1997 on a DJZ private plate. 110k miles, was parked up in a garage for ages until being recommissioned by an MB service manager. Silver with mostly every option there is...
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