1. cooks


    Hi i have friend with a CL500 battery is dead and he cant get into the car,only one key..what options does he have.
  2. A

    New Cl500 owner

    Hi there, Just purchased a CL500 and enjoying the wafting around it induces. This is car number 4 to my small fleet of RX7 twin turbo, Mitsubishi FTO GP and Mk4 Golf TDi 130 daily (duties soon to be taken over by the CL500). Bought the car knowing the aircon was not working. The clutch...
  3. D

    CL500 ABC system preventative maintenance

    Hi, Advice very welcome on whether I should change the hoses on the ABC system. Bought car in February and well pleased with the car. I have changed the oil and filter in the ABC system and do not have a problem with it but read on here if hose goes the pump is wrecked and virtually writes...
  4. mark_le_b

    Scam CL500?

    2007 Mercedes CL500, 5.5 V8 - 388 BHP | eBay
  5. M

    CL500 2007 Alarm keeps going off

    HI guys, any ideas ? 20 secs after locking doors alarm goes off. It is a keyless go 2007 C216 CL500. I have to leave car unlocked over night to stop it !!!!!!
  6. C

    Mercedes CL500 Widebody Pickup Truck Big Power Build Thread!

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently in the process of building a CL500 into a widebody pickup truck with a lot of power :thumb: Here is the original thread that I started But this...
  7. I

    W215 CL500 Flat Battery

    Hi everyone yesterday I had a flat battery on my 2002 Cl500, I charged the battery and on starting the car I had two faults show up ,BAS problem and ESP problem also the ABS light has come on.Are these genuine faults or caused by taking thee battery off ,there were no faults before the flat...
  8. M

    w215 cl500 dangerously slow acceleration

    My w215 cl500 has just started to have issues with acceleration...changed out the man sensor but the few posts I've been able to read on the internet seem to point to the accelerator pedal assembly and sensor. Can someone guide me as to how to remove the pedal assembly and sensor so i can...
  9. T

    Body Panels on CL500

    I understand that there was a change to the body panels on the CL500 for model year 2004 to much lighter materials. Can anyone tell me what panel materials were changes and how much weight was saved? I'm sure I read some reviews a few years ago but can't find any information now! Thanks Tony
  10. Lexusking


    I thought I would record the trials and tribulations of buying a car at auction unseen and the enjoyment or pain of getting the car right. Last week I bought from Brightwells modern classics sale a 89000 CL500 for £2100 plus premium. I did not go and see the car but spoke to Brightwells who...
  11. M

    Cl500 front top suspension mounts

    Hi guys n girls I recently read the post about adding a 10mm rubber spacer under top nut and as my cl500 has same issue I thought I would give it a try While trying to get the top nut off the inside spindle seems to spin also so nut will not come off. the strut is not turning though but I can...
  12. I

    W215 Cl500 Cd changer

    Hi Everyone Just treated myself to a 2002 CL500 in excellent condition with 80000 on the clock everything works as it should apart from the cd player says no magazine when a full magazine is in the changer any ideas please ? Thankyou
  13. T

    cl500 won't crank, won't come out of park, brake switch okay

    2002 CL 500 with intermittent issue, When it does not work I turn the key and the dashboard lights up when I go to crank, nothing, no click, nothing. I ran a hot lead directly to the starter, cranks fine. And when it's not working I cannot get the car out of park with the key on and foot on...
  14. M

    Cl500 suspension problem

    Hi guys/gals I've just got a cl500 c216 2007 1st big problem is front nearside suspension is stuck about 6" to high & back off side is so low its touching the wheel ! Help please !! It's almost un driveable. I've only had it a week !! Tears are rolling as we speak. Any ideas ?? Thanks
  15. B

    W215 (06) CL500 - Passenger side suspension drops

    Hi, I bought a CL500 about two months ago and then last week i started to notice that the front passenger side suspension was dropping slowly, when parked over a couple of days. When I start the car up and move it an inch forward the suspension jumps back up instantaneously back to normal...
  16. S

    Are my new Philips LED Daylight 9 DRL kit faulty or a CL500 quirk?

    Before wiring in the new LED DRLs, I tested them, purely because its a little tricky to feed the wires without cutting any panels or grills or wires on the kit. These lights apparently sense an increased voltage from the alternator, and switch on the LEDs when the engine is running. My...
  17. T

    Problem with remote locking - CL500

    Help please! have a problem that seems to have 3 mercedes indies scratching their heads. I'm sure that some of the brains in the club will know what the solution is so here goes: Following a flat car battery and recharge, the remote central locking wouldn't operate. if the door is opened with...
  18. 3

    cheap donor cl500

    if anyones after one of these they don't come up very often as spares or repairs
  19. Mo2312

    CL500 buyers guide

    Hi All Looking to go from my. Clk350 sport to a 2002 CL500, any tips what to look for when getting one, I've heard about air suspension etc, how best to check it on a test drive when viewing one. Always fancied a CL, will be looking at 2002 year or maybe a facelift if I could a good one in spec...
  20. M

    I'm coming back!! What to buy!

    Hi Guys, I sold my CLK back in November (still missed) High Spec facelift 320, but got my asking price and it was Diesel so not long till it's banned from London. I decided to try out PistonHeads idea of bargain motoring and purchased a BMW 330Ci...
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