1. K

    CL55 AMG Front Bumper Replacement

    Hi all, Over the weekend I had the misfortune of going into the back of my friends car which has ruined my bumper completely. I cannot seem to find replacements in the UK anywhere. Am I right in thinking that the E55 W211 has a similar bumper which would fit the W215? Any help...
  2. homersimpson

    CL55 Start Up I know these videos have been done to death but hey here's mine...!!!:thumb: PS.. if anyone knows how to embed the video please help......
  3. 3

    cl55 slight engine miss

    i know this is probably a stupid question but here we go anyway i had my cats checked over in longlife to find out that one of the primary cats is empty (the secondaries have been removed prior to me owning it) so i only have one functioning cat out of the two, now ive noticed only at idle that...
  4. 3

    cl55 o2 sensor issue

    hi peeps i have a cl55 2001 which has been smelling a bit on the rich side so i decided to buy a icarsoft mbii just for diagnostic purposes and tbh it does what it says on the tin so i decided to look at the live data being as no fault codes were showing to find that o2 sensor bank1 sensor2 is...
  5. Bigdrew

    CL55 or C55

    Hi looking for some information hopefully you guys Can help I am thinking of replacing my CLK for something Else I was looking at a CL55 or a C55 is there any problems I Should be looking out for with any of these cars and which one Would be the best to buy
  6. homersimpson

    CL55K Exhaust

    Hi.. I was thinking of getting a resonator delete done to my newly acquired CL55K, however on looking underneath it appears it might have already been done? Or do the Kompressor models not have a resonator compared to the NA models?
  7. homersimpson

    New Owner......

    Newbie here... I'm paul and the very proud owner of a CL55. I'll put up a pic when i work out how...... :thumb:
  8. alexanderfoti

    My much loved 215 CL55 AMG K Up for sale

    Terry has now finished breathing new life into my old car. My hugely loved, very well cared for and much missed CL55 AMG is now up for grabs for somebody else to enjoy as much as me! The car is being placed up for sale here before Autotrader etc. 2003 CL55 AMG K 101,000Miles (49k...
  9. 3

    cl55 w215 boss amp help needed

    hi guys when i purchased the car i found i wasn't getting any sound so i got myself a fibre optic loop and traced the problem back to the amp, now i've noticed they can get a bit pricey on ebay but ive managed to find one at a reasonable price out of a 2001 clk that looks identical but has a...
  10. m2287

    Mercedes CL55 AMG

    2001 CL55 AMG 5.5 V8 MOT until JULY I have owned this car for over 6 years Custom exhaust with secondary cat and resonator delete (still has the original AMG back boxes and passes emissions fine). K&N air filters Interior is wrapped in carbon Massive amount of history, I...
  11. C43AMG

    CL55 AMG Kompressor

    I am selling my beloved CL as I have found a suitable replacement after a long search. I have owned it since April 2006. Since then Olly of PCS fame has looked after it and he will testify that no amount of money has been spared to keep it in it's present A1 condition. All the major things...
  12. Mr Kripling

    CL55 to CL63?

    So, I've had my CL55 for two years now, have put about 30,000 miles on the thing and despite a few big bills (ABC pump, brake lines and alternator) I'm really quite fond of the old lump. That said, I'm beginning to think about whether to replace it and have been reading Autotrader late at...
  13. Rosso1

    Cl55 gearbox oil change

    Guys i have no idea on the work involved in changing the gear box oil but surely £2360 is really on the steep side? I have not changed my gearbox oil on my Mercedes but have never spent anywhere above a few hundred pounds. Can anyone tell me what they have spent? Here the advert showing...
  14. martyp87

    CL55 AMG (W215) - Parts / Project Car

    For sale is my beloved CL55. Unfortunately, the engine has thrown two piston rings on a dyno being tuned and therefore needs to be stripped and rebuilt. The car is pretty heavily modified as per the below: Weistec 3.0L Supercharger Weistec Ice Box Kleemann headers Sport CATs fitted...
  15. martyp87

    Eurotech CF Front Splitter & Rear Diffuser - CL55 AMG (W215)

    For sale is my CF front and rear splitter purchased from Eurotech in the US last December. I received the parts on March and they have been in the box since - never fitted to the car. Engine has blown in the car, hence the sale so parting things out as much as possible. Parts look...
  16. toffee-pie

    CL55 Update. PCS

    Guys, I've had Olli look at my car and he has done all the jobs I asked him to do, I also told him give it a once over for peace of mind. I got a bit of a shock with his comments. (circa £3k to resolve) - tyres were bad, I noticed this also. Ditch finders, need 4 new tyres most likely. The...
  17. m2287

    Gave my CL55 a good clean

    Came out not too bad!!! I need to sort out where the front bumper meets the wing on the drivers side though!!
  18. Gurd63

    6.1 Brabus CL55

    2002 MERCEDES CL55 FULL BRABUS 6.1 CONVERSION SPARES OR REPAIR (Engine noise) | eBay Hmm has the potential to be a nice car... depending on what the engine problem is
  19. BillyW124

    W215 CL55 AMG quad exhausts

    Complete original system up untill the centre where down pipes meet. This is a spare set i have. The other set is fitted to my CL V12 Bi turb as per pic to show you how it can look. Great mod and will work nicely if you have an AMG rear bumper. I can sell the bumper pictured if needed as i...
  20. toffee-pie

    CLS vs CL55

    Guys, With 2004 ish CL55s basically non existent, I have seen CLS55 AMGs, am I right in saying this has the same power plant as the CL55 ? The key differences aside from obvious styling being a 5 speed shifter and no hydraulic suspension? What features does this have, in terms of auto wipers...
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