1. topgun1978

    Replacing rear lights on W215 CL ...

    Hi all, I have managed to get a set of facelifted rear lights for my MY00 CL55 and wanted to know whether it is a straight swap or if I need additional parts etc? Is there a DIY guide out there somewhere? Thanks for any help :thumb:
  2. C43AMG

    Cl55amg ??

    Checking on the Russian sight a couple of codes came up that i don't understand. the CL is a 2001, it does not have the Kompressor Option Code : 026 Production test engines ( ECE - chassis with USA Engine ) Option Code : 854 Motronic Engine control system . Many thanks for any thoughts.
  3. AMGeed

    CL500 or CL55AMG?

    So it's time to change my E280 and I really, really would like a black CL55AMG. The problem is my budget won't stretch to a 03 Kompressor so its down to a choice of 302BHP CL500 or 356BHP 5.5L 02 reg CL55AMG. I know which one I want, but just what are the advantages of those extra 50BHP and that...
  4. Flyer

    Dealer borrows customer CL55AMG

    Link Got to love satellite trackers :D I've been looking at Tracker Reporter where you can see exactly where your car is and its speed, on a digitized map - very cool. Dealers have to be able to do road tests though don't they? :p
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