1. S

    cl600 door Mirror

    Could someone tell me how to remove the mirror cover so I can change the bulb please?
  2. P

    w216 - CL600 - Performance 'issue'

    Hello all, I wonder if anyone could help with a 'weird' and seemingly intermittent performance issue with my standard '07 W216 CL600 (~27k miles)? Normally the car is very quick, but sometimes (1/4 of the time maybe), the car is only 'quick' - not at all scientific or useful I know, but I...
  3. H

    CL600 Tread life

    I was just wondering what kind of life CL600 owners are getting out of their rear tyres ? I Just passed an MOT with a warning that my rear tyres have only 3mm left. I have done about 4600 miles on them and they originally have 7.5mm treads.. That means that I have used up 1mm of treads...
  4. SW18

    Forlorn CL600 spotted

    I keep passing this sorry-looking CL600 on my journey to work: it has been parked there for quite a long time not appearing to move. Seems to have had quite a hard life and now has no MOT so I wonder if someone bought it and now it needs major work to pass...
  5. H

    CL600 Cracked Windshield

    I just noticed a long crack in my windshield on my 2004 CL600. It is a strange one in my opinion.. I have never seen crack like this in any windshield.. it is horizontal just above the firewall almost from windowpost to windowpost. there is no sign of any impact so am just wondering what might...
  6. I

    Goodyear F1 for W216 CL600 - question re mixing tyre types

    Hi all. I need to replace tyres on 2007 W216 CL600. From reviews it seems that Goodyear Asymmetric 2s or 3s are a good option as seem to be quiet with decent fuel economy plus performance. Problem is that I can't get a full set of either on the car as they don't make all sizes* so I can go for...
  7. S

    CL600 rear pressure ABC

    Hi All intermittant warning ABC - checked on my carsoft diagnkstic and it is saying rear left pressure sensor is.fauly Cant seem to find these for sale nor the location on the car - can anyone help? Thanks! Simon
  8. D

    Cl600 chargecooler bleeding

    I got codes read on the car and an intermittent charge air temp high came up. I put a new Bosch 10 pump on it and bled air out by taking valves out and having pipes go into a bottle which goes into heat exchanger. I done about 500 miles since and had no code stored for it. But I don't think all...
  9. mark_le_b


    2000 Mercedes-Benz CL600 Auto 5.8 litre V12 | eBay front (and a pillar) don't look right do they?
  10. D

    New cl600 . Small problems

    Well I've had my 05 cl600 for couple weeks now. Great to drive. But it has a few issues I want to sort. Outside temp and fuel display on cluster are unreadable. Tyre pressure indicator keeps telling me to drive to dealer. And it has a rear end vibration above 70. And it only has one key. So I...
  11. D

    Just got a cl600 bi turbo

    Just got myself a cl600 bi. It's a 05. Purple paint with gold wheels. It's done 52000 miles. Does anyone know of the car . I'm wondering if it's standard or been tuned? . Someone on here must know of the car. The colour is unusual and stands out! Cheers
  12. mark_le_b


    Cheap? Mercedes CL600 Amazing V12 Marque | eBay
  13. e55nick

    CL600 Bi-Turbo Brabus

    This is stunning! Mercedes CL600 V12 Twin Turbo SuperCar HUGE Spec V12 1 BBS Brabus Private Plate | eBay
  14. S

    Advise, please - charging dead battery on CL600

    Hi everyone, 2003 Merc CL600 Biturbo I left it too long and the battery is really drained - not even the lights come on. Car won't unlock except with the metal key bit. I have a booster pack putting out 900 cranking amps and a Jag V8 with a good 100ah battery to jump start it with...
  15. mark_le_b

    CL600 BiTurbo Exhaust Mods?

    Anybody had much success with modding CL600 exhaust It's a bit quiet, so wanted something with a bit more tone Is a simple resonator delete an option? Any wise words would be helpful Thanks
  16. I

    Should I purchase extended warranty protection for CL600 (and a couple of other q's)?

    Hi all, I have a 2007 CL600 which I bought last July. I bought with c35k miles on it and it now has 40k miles. I bought from a MB dealer so got the usual UsedApproved 12 month warranty. Since that time, I have got a major service (spark plugs changed etc). In my time of ownership it has been...
  17. MikeInWimbledon

    CL600 - do ex-owners regret owning or selling?

    My SL500 and E500 S211 are coming up to 50k and 60k miles respectively, and now that the kids have left home, I'm being nagged to rationalise to one vehicle - and I fancy a mid-noughties W215 CL500 or bi-turbo CL600. Can ex-owners tell me whether it would be a mistake to go for a V12 CL600...
  18. french


    Sorry but this seller has swallowed the "Blarney stone":fail 2004 MERCEDES-BENZ CL600 BI-TURBO 500+BHP AUTO BRILLIANT SILVER STUNNING W215 | eBay
  19. mark_le_b

    CL600 (2003) no central locking

    Any thoughts on loss of central locking and keyless go on 2003 (facelift bi-turbo CL600) - doors lock/unlock from buttons on dash, so maybe a signal problem?? Key starts car etc, but remotes don't lock the car and the keyless doesn't work either - when button is pressed dash says key not...
  20. bmthnick1981

    WANTED rear light cluster 1998 (C140) CL600 - passenger

    As above I need a rear light cluster for my recently acquired 1998 CL600 This is the all red unit - not the amber and red on early cars Cash waiting Thanks Nick
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