1. A


    Hi Guys, Long time lurker here. Great knowledge. Have had a great c63 w204 performance pack for nearly 5 years that has been excellent and whilst I love it, I feel I need something more sedate and grown up. Like the luxury of a CL and would love to tick that v12 box but the right car...
  2. John

    Cl 65.

    Spotted this CL65 for sale. OK, so the wheels are in the advert itself which explains the change of wheels. This car mostly wears a GF60FSE number plate but I can't see anything that explains the random second to last picture of what I suspect is a CL500, which has a different number plate...
  3. BIRMA

    Quaife LSD standard on a CL65?

    I've just discovered that my car has a Quaife limited slip differential fitted and despite looking through the standard spec can't find it as standard fitment anyone any ides if it was an extra.
  4. BIRMA

    My first day in the CL65

    It's been a week now since I test drove the car and I've had a week of thinking as to whether I'd done the right thing. So yesterday arrived and I went to pick it up, first off I got caught in the M25 traffic from Heathrow to the A3 and the trip computer recorded an alarming 8 MPG something I'm...
  5. BIRMA

    Old member returning with a CL65 AMG

    Some time ago I was a fairly frequent poster on this forum when I owned my SL63. having sold the SL quite some time ago I bought a little VX 220 Turbo and modified it to become a mean little track day car I've spent a fortune on it and it goes like the wind. I have over the last few months been...
  6. BIRMA

    I'm back again with a CL65 AMG this time

    After much thought I have bought myself a 2007 CL 65 AMG it is immaculate and has a truly staggering turn of speed Warp factor 4 Mr Sulo as they say.
  7. O

    CL65 revisited

    Tried very hard to resist but the will was weak, so the 2009 cl65 is now mine. No piccies yet. 12000 miles , Platinum Black, porcelain interior with Piano black trim and carbon exterior package. Most goodies but not the fridge so Irn Bru will have to go in a coolbox. Looking forward to picking...
  8. S

    CL65 AMG what Value?

    2004 CL65 with 40,000mls how much do you think its worth. Have considered selling a few times but can never bring myself to do it. i am thinking of long term storage as house move forced me to store for a few months so wondering what price it would bring ????
  9. O

    Value of CL65?

    Came across a really nice CL 65. Black with porcelain interior 2009 with 11k miles. Utterly immaculate inside and out and full MB service history. Night vision and usual stuff (no fridge) Usual story owner not that interested in selling but might listen to a reasonable offer but not advertised...
  10. B

    E63AMGS or CL65 AMG

    I have the choice of a high high spec E63 AMGS and a facelift CL65 AMG My head says ignore the CL65 My heart says otherwise Logic says don't touch the CL BIG PROBLEMS MAYBE But very rare The Once sold its gone The E63. Great spec but there are others out there Hard choice...
  11. B

    CL65 AMG on the horizon

    My lust for a CL is about to be satisfied Thinking of buying one of only 4 facelift CL65 cars A true beast ! But seems to carry a health warning with the V12 engine You only live once And with interest rates about to fall money has no real value sitting in the bank Might as well give...
  12. S

    C216 CL65 or CL63?

    Hi guys, I am in quite a predicament here and I really hope you guys can help me out. I am really interested in buying a CL and I was keen on buying a CL65 because of numerous reasons but mainly how many chances do you really get to buy arguable the best 6.0 V12 Bi turbo in the business...
  13. S

    Wanted CL65 AMG C216

    Hi, I am looking for a CL65 AMG C216 shape preferably before the 2011 facelift as I am not fond of the design changes. If anyone is looking or even thinking to sell I am more than willing to buy. I would be grateful if anybody here could help me out in search for one. As long as its...
  14. buccal


    So there has been very little in the classifieds over the last 5 years that has tempted me out of my 55. But oh my giddy aunt this is SO much AMG: I've read a lot about these over the...
  15. greghm

    cl600 - CL65 ...

    Something tells me that there is something inacurrate on this one... Mercedes-Benz CL 6.0 CL65 AMG 2dr
  16. O

    Real costs of a CL65?

    A friend has offered me his o8 plate CL65 with 60k on the clock for £30k since he is on the trail of another bargain and needs to act fast.The last service on the car earlier in the year cost £5000. Since I would probably keep the car for at least 10 years I am not concerned about resale values...
  17. B

    CL65 AMG - madness or what?/

    I have been pondering a CL63 having abandoned the idea of an E63AMG . Live in London and E Class MBs are everywhere ... So CL65 pops up on my radar screen and there is one in the MB network (subject of a previous post) Very rare care and after a test drive yesterday I can see why it cost...
  18. GT500E

    Test drives. CL65 and C63

    My local dealer offered me to take a 2008 CL65 out for a test drive. It's not a car that would be on the top of the list to replace Eleanor but it was worth a spin and they have no other used AMGs in stock at the minute. Only 19,000 miles on it and they are willing to throw in 2 years tier 1...
  19. noy91

    Odd CL65

    So I periodically have a scout round for 215s, just to see what's out there and how current offerings compare to mine price and condition wise (not that I have the 65), and just now came across this: Used 2006 Mercedes-Benz CL for sale in Somerset | Pistonheads What struck me as odd was the...
  20. S

    Cl65 going soon

    I keep saying it but this time it is definatly going to have to go, have too many cars and i i not really using it so Mrs Sabre is going to get her way as we make room in the garage. If you are interested let me know as will be going up for sale at the end of July, dont know how to post pictures...
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