1. Palfrem

    My experience of a Home / Travel insurance claim

    Unfortunately, on holiday in Portugal a few weeks back my wallet was stolen by pickpockets. It rather took the shine off our holiday as you can imagine. Reported theft to (very helpful) local Police who didn't pussyfoot about regarding the countries of origin of the scrotes by the way. I...
  2. Topman2u

    Fake insurance claim [emoji36][emoji36][emoji36][emoji36][emoji36]

    Well what a surprise I had today at 5.15 police turn up at my house and say on Monday 20/3/17 at approximately 8.25am you was seen to hit a car while passing it and coursed it to bounce up and down and mark all the bumper [emoji848] so we have come to look at your car ! Me please do I think I...
  3. E

    Money Claim Online?

    I would welcome a little advice on this. I recently bought a Japanese motorcycle, advertised as a 2013 model, from a trader. The same trader had two virtually identical 2010 motorcyles for sale at substantially lower prices. Note, please, that I would not have paid the price I did if I had known...
  4. J

    Warranty Claim - Please Help (2013 E-Class Coupe)

    Hi all. I have a facelift late 2013 E-Class Coupe E220 diesel in the UK. There are three faults I am currently aware of but would like to understand if there is other work I should be asking to be fixed under warranty. Main faults: 1) Distance Warning will alarm on the motorway almost...
  5. D

    Claim To Fame?

    I found out today that my great great grandfather invented the question mark. What fictional claim to fame can you dream up? Ant. :D
  6. A

    Faulty clutch: Can I claim for expenses?

    Hoping you guys can help me out here. :) I recently bought a clutch from a seller on eBay. Seller had good feedback, it was a branded clutch (Exedy). I had the seller confirm it was the correct clutch for the car before buying. It arrived, took it to my mechanic to fit. He fitted it. Told me it...
  7. french

    Both claim FSH

    But when you look up Mot history there is Non, when FSh is stataed I want to see the Mot history & see that the bills for any work is there...they are cheap FOR A REASON imo mercedes c32 amg | eBay 2002 mercedes, C32 amg,112,000 miles,fsh, 354bhp...
  8. D

    Missed flight - insurance claim query

    Help. Returning home from St Moritz yesterday we missed our flight from Zurich to Luton with easyJet. The first train to Chur took about 20 minutes longer than scheduled (no reason given but presumably the weather). This meant we missed our connecting train and the one after that, resulting in...
  9. E

    Insurance claim - what to do next

    Good morning all. I had a little accident in my '03 E55K estate yesterday... I was driving along, minding my own business, at 65-70 mph or so on the A3290 dual carriageway out of Reading. Just about to go past a Transit tipper truck belonging to a demolition firm, loaded with what looked like...
  10. Piff

    Insurance claim dilemma

    Number 1 son has had a minor bump in his W169. Happened at low speed at a junction when car in front stopped for no reason. Drivers got out and thought damage was insignificant and didn't even exchange details. Initially it looked like his bumper had light scratches and we thought it might be a...
  11. thebig1

    Tyre Claim?

    Hi Guys, Had my C63 2013 for almost a month now. a week in, I noticed a bad noise when reverseing on full lock and cold tyres etc. The problem was reported to my local dealer, not the dealer I purchased the car from back in December and again on a visit begining of January. Someone on here...
  12. O

    Insurance claim

    While driving along A19 behind a Durham county council tipper type transit it's load of plastic facia & guttering starts blowing off doing about 55 mph I pull into outside lane speed up to about 70 to get past ( not quick enough ) a 4 mtr length of guttering comes across the front of the car, go...
  13. guydewdney

    council insurance claim,10 months after?

    Whilst very very slowly reversing my 33' long ten ton motorhome outside the mot bay in (a.n.other) council's mot yard, a council owned sprinter van drove alongside my offside, then did a tight u turn behind me, causing a small collision. At the time, the manager and driver and i all agreed that...
  14. ringway

    Minor, Non-fault Insuance Claim.

    A truck hit the mirror on my legally parked car over the weekend. No big deal, but I'm concerned that if I claim against the truckers insurance, it will count against me. I seem to recall one members wife having an incident where her car was hit from behind and their premium increased as a...
  15. The _Don

    Buy Michelin Tyres and claim a fuel gift card worth up to £100
  16. P

    Question About insurance. Can I claim?

    Hello, A bit of a strange question. I have an Audi A6 TDI (as well as a Merc) and the auto gearbox has gone on it. Audi wanted £7k to change it and a gearbox specialist near where I live wanted nearly £4k to fix it. There are no used ones anywhere, and trust me I've looked everywhere! The...
  17. A

    Insurance No claim issue

    Hello All, Hope someone can shed some light and direct me to someone who can help with my situation. I owned a CLK prior to my W211 and was insured with Adrian Flux until Jan 2011, in Jan 2011 i stop my cover with Adrian flux (I had 8 years No claim bonus uptil now) and took out a sperate...
  18. BaldGuy

    Renewal with a pending claim

    There is a pending court case going through and has been for the past 2 years.... the policy has always been renewed with the insurer as they are not sure if it will affect the claim.... my question is..... Can you change insurers and the claim will still proceed or do you have to stay with...
  19. A

    Insurnce - 2 cars - No claim bonus

    Hi, Need some advice on insurance for my new mb car I already got golf with 9 yrs no claim bonus Can I use my ncb on both cars if not how can i transfer my ncb on new car (got different ins. co.) What is the difference between a main driver and additional driver My wife do not have ncb, never...
  20. G

    False claim - Starting legal proceedings against me.

    In March 2012, a lady at my place of work accused me of scratching her car. I left work on the Monday as usual, and upon entering a room on the Tuesday, she accused my colleague of hitting her car in the staff car-park, he went onto explain that he doesn't even own a car or drive and she then...
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