1. I

    A protected claims insurance question...

    Been with my current insurer for 5 months and have a 6 years no claims discount. Paying around £600 per year. I thought I had ticked the option to protect my claims but it turns out I havent. And I cant add that option on now so far into the policy. To cancel the current policy costs £50. Should...
  2. John

    Claim(s) to "Fame".

    Following on from Ant's thread, I wondered if anyone had any claims to fame - even if the celeb is not mentioned. First: From a hot sunny, but very muddy F1 GP at Silverstone in March 2000, I once pushed my friend's 320 out of a muddy field and got covered in mud as the rear wheels span...
  3. M

    W164 M Class claims bonnet is open??

    fixed for now with some WD40 but has happened a couple of times. I either need a new sensor or ideally just pull out a fuse so this message never appears. Not being insane I don't drive with the bonnet open! Anyone happen to know the answer? Cheers, Mike
  4. D

    No Claims

    Here we go, now playing No Claims Discount/Bonus with my new insurer, I've not had an accident for 30 years and I don't know where my "Proof of NCD" is or how I find it, the insurance companies share information but when they want to rip you off they have a very short memory.......
  5. R

    numbers of claims or value.

    Could anyone advise if insurance companies count the cost of claims or do they just look at the amount of claims over the year regardless of value. The reason I am asking is. I work for a coach company with about 15 vehicles. Over this past year we have had 5 insurance claims.One vehicle in...
  6. A

    Different Type of Claims

    Hi, I had an accident, other party refused to accept his fault he sought for medical claim as well. finally the case was in my favour, my car was fixed and access was paid but now Insurance company says that Medical claim is still pending from other party so they cannot close this...
  7. Deane x

    How can one keep no claims

    Hi I have 9 years no claims (as it is the max ) on my old car but I have ordered my new car and insurance is inc in lease ,so how long can I keep my 9 years no claims
  8. T

    Glass cover claims

    I got a big crack from a stone, whilst driving on M1 last week and was thinking of getting windscreen changed. I've never had one replaced before in 25 years driving. I might sound a bit naive, but when you make a claim for windscreen replacement, does that affect your claim history? Does it...
  9. ringway

    The 100 Funniest Motor Insurance Claims.

    "On the M6 I moved from the centre lane to the fast lane but the other car didn’t give way." "I was thrown from the car as it left the road. I was later found in a ditch by some stray cows." "I left for work this morning at 7am as usual when I collided straight into a bus. The bus was 5...
  10. m2287

    No claims

    So the mrs was involved in a small accident over a month ago. Basically she rolled into the car in front of her at around 2mph, no damage done to the other car, my mrs number plate got a tiny crack in it. The other lady driver had a look, said she was fine, they both took a couple of photos of...
  11. Mat B

    Mileage claims and expenses

    Hi can anyone give some advice of what can be claimed in mileage and expenses for a personal car please. I'm looking to find out rate (40p a mile) And how many miles you can claim this up to. So is there a cut off at a certain point. The basic jist is I have taken a new role in a...
  12. tali

    Small claims advice?

    Travel agent (not a ABTA member, but is ATOL "nothing to do with us")is messing a friend of mine about and refusing to refund a large amount and he wants to do a Moneyclaim asap 6 weeks at latest for refund they told him After that time passed hewas told 23 rd July at the latest. Then was...
  13. SilverSaloon

    small claims court question

    Hi I sold my house in april 2012. There was no planning permission for old 80's patio doors the previous owner got fitted. therefore we had to apply for retrospective planning permission. This going via the usual planning red tape took a little while so they retained £1000 of our...
  14. DSM10000

    Pot hole damage- Are claims worth the effort?

    As SWMBO was away last night I arranged to meet with friends for supper at a local pub about 8 miles away from home. The route involves some rather narrow lanes that are single track with passing places, fairly typical around here. One such section has a long sweeping left hand bend, as I...
  15. grober

    No claims bonus question

    Dear forum ---quite some time ago I crashed my sports car a MCLAREN F1. :fail I now have my car back good as new. :thumb: However the insurance company has told me the repairs cost £910,000. :eek: Do members think this will effect my no claims bonus? :crazy: signed Mr Bean. Rowan Atkinson's...
  16. 300CE

    Mercedes Benz 300 ce (claims rust free)

    Looks pretty nice: Mercedes Benz 300 ce | eBay
  17. Palfrem

    No claims bonus

    Trying to insure my new (to me) car in addition to my E36. It seems that my NCD can only be applied to one car at at a time which means my premium for the new car is an astronomical £850! due to zero NCD. I hate insurance companies! Anyone got any recommendations / ideas / ruses please?
  18. A

    Anyone in the car insurance claims business please?

    Hi all A long shot but you guys normally come up with great advice and comments My girlfriend was driving a car (fully comp) which was actually my second car. In torrential rain my gf hit someone from behind who broke hard. My gf admitted liability and gave the lady (MB driver) her details...
  19. @MARK

    Insurers undervalue wrecked vehicles, ombudsman claims

    Almost a case of tell us something we don't know BBC News - Insurers undervalue wrecked vehicles, ombudsman claims
  20. Stratman

    A crackdown on whiplash claims?

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