1. Z

    DVLA clamping

    I turned into a mates street at Hadleigh Essex,and right at the start of his road,was a 55 reg Honda with a wheel clamp,with DVLA on it,I have never seen one before,maybe the DVLA are hitting back at cars without tax :bannana:
  2. Stratman

    Clamping: the other viewpiont

    An interesting thread on the Talk Photography forum in the Out of Focus section, concerning the trouble the OP had in preventing people parking on private property. He eventually had to hire a clamping firm. It's a good read, and rather thought provoking.
  3. moonloops

    Car clamping - it's game over for the cowboys

    Cowboy clampers who prey on millions parking on private land to be outlawed | Mail Online Rather than regulate the industry they have outlawed clamping :bannana:
  4. Brian WH

    Police Clamping Car

    The local police have Clamped an old MG which is parked on the Grass verge near me, outside someones house. The Notice says "ROAD TAX OUT OF DATE." Question - As it isn't parked on the road are they right in doing this? The only reason I can see this being right is if the House Owner...
  5. Satch

    One for the CV: BTEC Diploma (Wheel Clamping)

    LONDON (Reuters) - Qualifications body Edexel is to offer a new training course for "vehicle immobilisers" promising to help wheel-clampers deal with situations when "conflict may arise". The BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) award requires 30 hours training, covering the...
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