1. D

    w129 hard top soft top clamps above windscreen

    there is two rectangular clamps on the soft and hardtop which get sucked in. my friend hard top does not have the plastic surrond and thus not getting sucked, anybody has any clever ideas, can u buy just the clamps, anybody got a badly damaged hard/soft top from which these clamps can be bought...
  2. P

    Mud Flap Clamps, W203, 55 plate, C class

    Hi all, Does anyone have, lying around, a couple of mud flap clamps to hold them onto the inner arch for above vehicle. Been to the dealers......they don't stock them any more. Wanted me to buy a new set of mudflaps if i wanted the clamps :crazy: Bought some standard ones off e bay, but they...
  3. K

    A170 injector retainer clamps

    Hi everybody I need help in locating the cast steel injector retaining clamps for a A170 Diesel engine year 2000. I have searched the internet and cant find them anywhere. I have managed to remove the injectors but one of the retaining clamps is broken. also does anyone know how much they cost...
  4. D

    Help with pesky Wheel Clamps

    For all those of you living on the edge and parking where you shouldn't Don't despair, angle grinder man is here :D ... NB This is a REAL service and has featured in the news Rgds Les
  5. mayoga

    OT: How to overcome wheel clamps

    Anyone seen this site before? Gav.
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