1. Fudger

    E63 auto braking system, clarification!

    Chaps, just for clarification, my car is a 2015 E63 with no options and therefore, no distronic. I assume therefore that my brakes will never auto apply unless in a circumstance whereby a) My red triangle warning light is on and b) I, having first touched the brake pedal, the computer then...
  2. R

    command/ phone/ iPhone etc. clarification sought...

    Hi all just bought a S211 (its a 2009 reg though)... command, phone cradle, etc. seem a bit different from my other 211... was wondering what I'd need to play my music, etc. through the command? have attached pics; please excuse the MANKY phone cradle; that's courtesy the last owner...
  3. Lenny63

    C43 AMG exhaust fittings - clarification on MB part numbers req

    Hi folks The C43 currently has a small exhaust leak due to join at left front cat and front/ mid section - bolts/nuts are disintegrating - see pic Part number 20&29 are required to join part no 5 (front cat and pipe) to front/mid section - My local MB have emailed me stating there are...
  4. Londonscottish

    Clarification re 211 rear Airmatic

    Hi, I am getting an intermittent Airmatic fault. Haven't had it on a fault code reader so no idea if it's minor or serious. What I am trying to understand is what i might have to change if it proves to be serious. If I understand it correctly the front struts incorporate both the spring and...
  5. B

    Clarification needed on my merc!! :(

    I've just recently inherited what I am led to believe is a 1983 mercedes 280ce,but I can't seem to find any sites that can value my vechile that acknowledges it,the Majority of sites seem to think my model was stopped in 1981,can anyone ages light on this mysteriously model!?? AND for added man...
  6. J

    Alloy Wheel Clarification

    HI, Would these be 'ok' and fit my W203 Estate ( 2002 ) Diesel Auto.? The man that is selling them says yes no problem, just needed professional opinion. Would the front tyre need to be a ( 45 or 50 ) opposed to ( 55) so it doesn't rub? Currently i have 15'' on mine. These are 16''...
  7. F

    Clarification on pollen filter location on W210

    Hi guys. I have a 2000 W210 320cdi with manual aircon (dials not digital). I've searched the forums but I can't quite work out whether my pollen filter(s) will be behind the glove box, or in the passenger footwell, or both! It seems to me like it depends on whether you have the manual or auto...
  8. M

    140 S-Class Grill Parts Number Clarification Please

    Good evening everyone! I need some clarification on a couple of part numbers for a CL420 grill, and I hoping someone on here may be able to help me out. My parents' CL requires a new baffle plate for the grill, but Mercedes no longer supply baffle plates only. Our very own aka$h kindly...
  9. S

    W203 Rotor clarification

    Hello all, My W203 ('56 C230 Evo Pan) recently started showing the brake wear error. I took it into Mercedes on Monday and they quoted a ludicrous amount to replace the pads and discs. On querying the amount they said I had the sports pack (949) and thus more expensive discs and pads. Anyway I...
  10. N

    ipod interface part number clarification for w203

    Please help. I am looking for an Ipod interface for my 2005 C-Class C320 (W203). Having done some research the only part number for one of these i can find is B6 782 4254 However, when i look on ebay all the ones that are supposedly ok for my car don't have the B6 782 4254 part number...
  11. merc man

    A bit of clarification

    My car was involved in a very low speed accident on the 8th of April this year, and the other driver is not addmitting liability, so as it stands i have told the insurers that i will pay my excess and have the car repaired at my choice of repairers, As it stands the insurance company have agreed...
  12. Gollom

    Clarification on B200 order codes please

    Code 417 - Lamella Sliding Roof. (Can't see it in the price/parts list. I'm assuming it's not the panoramic roof?) U58 - Exterior Light & Sight package (Again, not specifically in the price/part list) Many thanks
  13. jay73

    W203 AMG Bumper Clarification Info

    This was originally a p.m.'d enquiry from A-avantgarde but thought I would post the info here incase anyone wanted to use for a later date.... 1st of all NOT all amg bumpers are the same.... there is an early and late type dependent on chassis number... up to F593966 and up to R153498 is...
  14. E

    Wiper Problem Clarification, I've read loads..

    on this site, however just want to clarify what the EXACT problem is. I've an early '96 W202, the wiper arm moves very smoothly over the windscreen, no juddering etc but it only arcs over the windcreen not the "M" shaped motion it should be making, can you let me have your opinions on where i...
  15. KosherBenz

    Clarification for the Euro vs. US head unit!

    Link for comparison--> This is the US unit: :rock:
  16. culpano

    Icelink iPod connection - the full clarification

    After many emails to people on here, Dension, Carphone Warehouse,, ghc computers here the bottom line on the iPod Icelink connection. I am using the COMAND 2.0 as the prime example - can't vouch for the standard Mercedes radios etc. THE FACTS: ----------- Purchase +...
  17. V

    Part No clarification request

    Can anybody tell me whether an engine mount with the part number A124 240 2617 will fit my 1988 W124 300D Also does anybody know whether the shocks+ springs on the front of a W124 300e are the same as those fitted to a 300D????? Many thanks
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