1. Gurd63

    RARE! Clarion G80 Stack W126 W124

    For Sale! A Period 1980s, Clarion Stack Stereo System (G-501) with a pair of Original Clarion Speakers! As I'm sure you know, this would look awesome in a W126 and I've also seen them in W124, W201s and a whole host of other high end cars of the period! Can't even imagine how expensive...
  2. gIzzE

    Clarion NX302E double din nav.....

    Clarion NX302E Nav unit for sale. Can't be bothered with a long drawn out sale, so £200 delivered. Bargain! All details here.... Clarion UK | NX302E Comes with GPS antenna, Mic, all cables and a double din cage. There is a trim that fits in my Merc, and I will include that, but...
  3. mbenz1977

    Clarion cd mp3 aux and radio player £40

  4. mbenz1977

    Clarion car MP3 cd and Radio player £40 solihull B91 call 07944594949

    Clarion car MP3 cd and Radio player £40 no offers solihull B91 call 07944594949
  5. jamesfuller

    Clarion G80!

    Rarität! Clarion C-501 Komponenten HIFI Turm mit 2 Endstufen | eBay Rarität! Clarion G-80T Komponenten HIFI Turm | eBay Mercedes Benz W126 C126 SEC Clarion Turm G80 inkl. AMG Einbaublende selten rar | eBay
  6. 300CE

    Mercedes W124 Clarion speakers 12cm 120mm replacement for in dash units

    Mercedes W124 Clarion speakers 12cm 120mm replacement for in dash units | eBay
  7. M

    Clarion SRE211H tweeters suitable for w124

    Brand new in box. I bought these in the summer as I thought the ones in by W124 had blown, which turned out not to be the case, hence these haven't been used. I did take one of them out and connected it to the wiring in my car, but it was never installed. Suitable for fitting in the w124 as...
  8. philiggy

    Clarion Dash speakers for 124 e-Calss

    Now unavailable uprated dash speakers for 124, Clarion SE-526 New and still in box £25
  9. A

    Sorry Guys for posting this in here ( Clarion' fitted into a 1991 Peugeot 205 car)

    Sorry Guys, I know I am not suppose to post this in MB Forum. I tried to find a forum for Peugot but i din't like it as much as I like MB forum. I have been helped before when I had issues with my Merc C180. This time I want your help with a Radio fitted to my Bosses car which is 1991 reg...
  10. Howard

    w202 Clarion Custom Fits

    w202 and w210 Clarion Custom Fits 202 210...
  11. Howard

    Clarion w124 Dashboard Custom Fits ... Sort out your sounds ....
  12. M

    Clarion 5.1 head-unit for sale

    Clarion DXZ938R Built-in decoder for virtual 5.1-channel Dolby Pro Logic II system, Integrated sound adjustment system: AC Processor II with Time Alignment Control and Virtual, Space Enhancer for optimum sound-tuning to any car interior, Front/Centre/Rear surround channel. Comes compete with...
  13. Koolvin

    WANTED - Clarion SAT NAV CD - NL

    has anyone got a Clarion NL sat nav cd?
  14. abbos

    Clarion Multimedia Help!

    Morning all, I am thinking of buying a Clarion indash 6.5 screen + DSP + Sat Nav from a friend of mine. The only problem is that some of the bits were stolen from his car and after seeing the state of the Sat Nav yesterday i'm not sure. The screen is fine but the cables that run from the Sat...
  15. P

    Clarion Nav disk wanted

    After a recent disk (or copy for evaluation) For my nax9500 sat nav system. Cheers guys.
  16. Koolvin

    Clarion Navigation

    The new Clarion CD for UK is out today, I got mine this morning and you can now put house numbers in! :p
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