1. J

    Classe A250 Sport engine overheating

    Dear All; Sometimes when I drive the temperature goes up to near 120deg and the RPMs cannot go over 4000,after a while the temperature comes back to normal(90),also I have remarked the fan starts working without turning the AC even if the outside temperature is around 20deg.does anuone have...
  2. A

    Mercedes w203 c180 c classe

    New to mercedes world just bought a mercedes benz w203 c180 estate 2.0 l petrol non kompressor 2002 reg 105200 miles. 6 speed manual Now bad bits all front suspension is knocking found all bits on ebay for 100 to 150 quid. Can i ask you guys what this is worth as i will not keep it becouse...
  3. P

    New V classe

    Hi Is here someone who has description for disassemble instrumentpanel V classe, NOT a new vito. :confused:
  4. A

    C Classe W204 Estate

    Hi all, I'm seriously thinking of buying a W204 Estate C220 or 200 diesel 7G auto. I need one car than can do it all. I'm favouring the 2012MY 125 edition. You know the "Facelift" last of the line models. Should I go for Sport or SE? Any great differences with comfort, style, dynamics...
  5. pepper&boulou

    Heckchrom Mercedes E classe

    won the chrome strips for the rear pillars on my w124 on german ebay. 37.87 euros = £25.31 got a good deal on the combined postage too. :bannana:
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