1. M

    What is classed as a premium sound system

    I have a 2004 c220cdi, when this was sold to me it was listed as having xenons (which it does not have) and a premium sound system. I would not class the standard CD player with radio as a premium sound system unless it was Bose or something that had additional speakers including a sub and...
  2. paul73mt

    Classed As Warranty?

    Well I've now got the car as all is well but have got a couple of niggles with it would these be covered by the warrenty and if so how do i go about making sure it's done under warrenty. 1. Drivers wingmirror squeaks and folds in/out slow and sometimes when folding in the motor seem to try and...
  3. G

    Whats classed as overheating?

    my temp gauge usually sits at 80-85 (ml270) sometimes uphill nearly 90, today on M1 20 miles at 65-70 suddenly stuck in traffic nearly got to 95. also after driving at normal temp if I switch of,and restart after 30 seconds its climbed a few degrees although its not been running! normal or...
  4. Steve_Perry

    When can a crash be classed as funny?

    Click here and here to find out :D S.
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