1. reflexboy

    Tell me about W212 E Classes

    Hi, hope you all had a great Christmas. Carrying on from a previous thread, I think I'm aiming towards getting an E Class. (MY2010-2012). I think I have narrowed it down to an E350 CDi as they appear pretty quick. I also love the AMG bodykit on the Sport models. There seem to be many models and...
  2. Deane x

    Just bought my self 4 Diffrent colours s classes , slk , and a cl

    Just bought my self 4 Diffrent colours s classes ,slk,and a cl ......I'm 36 ha ha ................................""................ Any one else collect Herpa models ;)
  3. bpsorrel

    How many different E Classes here?

    Just wondering which is the most popular model type of E class, 124, 210, 211 or 212 here! :) One 211 here! :thumb:
  4. bpsorrel

    Series of E Classes

    Taken from a station in the former East Berlin (last remnants of about 1km of Berlin Wall just over the road from here) a series of E class taxis - - 210, 211 and 212! :)
  5. Mudster

    More S Classes sold in China than any other country in the world.

    Interesting artcile regarding the renewal of The Chinese F1 GP in Shanghai. Now the worlds largest car market, the shoe is on the other foot. F1 trying to hang on to China - Yahoo! Eurosport
  6. C240Sport97

    Pricing Comparison of E classes 211 and 212

    211 E320CDi Avantgarde Saloon (Jan 09 price list) vs 212 E350CDi Avantgarde Saloon (June 09 price list): Of course, prices are list prices and do not reflect the large run out discounts on the 211. 211 OTR: £38,836 COMAND - Standard Leather - Standard Metallic - Standard Parktronic -...
  7. C240Sport97

    Video of new bi turbo Diesel engines in C and E classes

    E-Class - Interactive Owner´s Manual [Erleben] Go for Agility Then 4 cylinder diesel engines
  8. D

    'Rude' police punishing middle classes to hit Home Office targets

    Some of the members here can tell us more.............
  9. Gucci

    Car maintenance evening classes?

    Having prowled the forum for a little while, I've had my perceptions of owning an old car reversed. I used to always want the latest, newest stuff out there. I now live in a period house and the styling and substance is far superior to the modern stuff... i reckon old Mercs are similar! I'd...
  10. W210 Fan

    Oh dear, Barries have found E classes - classic

    This makes me ashamed to own an E class
  11. pammy

    New evening classes for men

    NEW EVENING CLASSES FOR MEN!!! ALL ARE WELCOME OPEN TO MEN ONLY Note: due to the complexity and level of difficulty, each course will accept a maximum of eight participants sign up early and get a discount on registration The course covers two days, and topics covered in this course...
  12. L

    Advice please on value of E Class(es)

    A friend is seeking to change his 1996 E300D (non-turbo), silver (!) , leather and 160000 miles, MB service history up to about 80k, then specialist serviced since and it is in good condition. I have located a 2000 E 320CDI, again silver, cloth upholstery, 100000 miles, full MB service history (...
  13. Steve_Perry

    For those with M Classes and G Wagens... You can turn your 4x4's into a mini tank for those occasions when snow chains just aren't 'man enough'. :D Hmm, I wonder if they'll fit a C Class? :p :crazy: S.
  14. B

    Japanese C classes

    Has anybody else seen one of these? I spotted a silver W202 a few months back with a square indent for the rear number plate and thought nothing of it, but today I parked beside a black one and noticed a mad push button climate system and great Mercedes-Benz Japan stickers on the windows...
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