1. D

    1977 450 sl on copart not classified U

  2. michaelk3289

    not exactly ebay, Top Gear classified of the week

    Classified of the week: E36 AMG - BBC Top Gear
  3. J

    Classified Postings

    Hi Chaps, i know, i know, but even though i only have a few posts i wanted to post in the classifieds, i bought a 54 plate C200 with a few issues and found help on here, BUT just today i ended up with a C32 (which i will porbably need a lot of help with, but i love it!)so i want to flog the C200...
  4. riceboy

    C270 CDI Avantgarde SE Auto HUGE AMG SPEC only 68600 miles

    Hi there, The time has finally come to say good bye to my pride and joy :(. Genuine reason for the sale - I have recently purchased a cheap car to run about in while funding my house build. I will be very sad to see this car go. The car has just went through MOT and has just been given a...
  5. L

    Anyone able to help with pictures for classified ad?!

    Got some pics to put my car up for sale but don't know how to block out the numberplate, anyone kindly able to help with this please?

    Classified Adds

    Hi,I wish to purchase something from the classified adds section of this forum (From biturbo) and I am not sure if I am going about it in the correct manner.I have sent two PMs with my contact details. Is this the correct way to go about it. Thanks:dk:
  7. B088IN

    My 16" alloys for sale in the classified

    For those that want to contact me regarding the alloys for sale and cant pm me as their post count is to low, contact me via this thread.
  8. W

    Replying to a Classified ad as a newbie...

    Hi As someone quite new to this site, I am actually looking to buy a car and thought this would be a good starting point to look for cared for examples... However, I have just found that I am unable to reply to any classified ad unless I have a posting of 30 or more...! :wallbash...
  9. B

    Window Shopping - 2005/06 CLK55 AMG (W209) - As rare as rocking horse sh*t?

    Hi Lads/Ladies, I'm currently in the process of scouring the internet for 2005/2006 CLK55's just to build up an ideal of what I will be faced with when I'm ready to buy one later this year. I think I'm looking in all the right places i.e. Classified here, AutoTrader, Pistonheads, Exchange &...
  10. J

    Why cant I post a classified

    Ive registered, verified my account, posted 30 posts and yet i still get the following when trying to create a new thread in the classifieds section. Ive been on here all night trying (to the disgust of my girlfriend!) Grrr johnmunton, you do not have permission to access this page. This could...
  11. MD5

    Responding to Classified Ads?

    Is there a reason I am unable to respond to classified ads on this forum, or is it a locked section?
  12. M


    Why do people advertise things, with sayings like 'Desperate to sell' or 'Must Go'. And then when you contact them, they don't answer?! Sorry, but it just peeves me off! :mad:
  13. Gucci

    Not the best classified ad I've seen for a car :eek: A heap of problems....can't think why he wants rid
  14. PaulE230

    In regards to the contact lenses in the classified section..........

    I know its probably nice of the person to offer them out for free The wife who does work in an optician says you should never ever wear other peoples contact lenses even if they are new If the size is wrong they can damage your eyes I said to the wife that if the prescription was the...
  15. GRAV888

    Classified Adverts - UPDATED June 2009

    Buy and sell items here. Commercial ads will be removed. Be advised that you cannot reply to classified threads, and you need to have made 30 posts in other forums before you can submit an advert. We also strongly suggest using safer forms of payment such as Paypal. Once an item offer has been...
  16. gl boy


  17. jahewitt

    Classified - Brand New Road Angel for sale

    This is my listing on ebay . . . . I bought this for the new ML - thinking it would be a more aesthetic fitting - but my Road Pilot looks better. So rather than selling the Road Pilot, I am...
  18. R

    Down-sizing photos for MBClub classified

    I'm having trouble getting my pics small enough to upload to the site. Please can anyone advise the best format (jpeg, gif etc.) to use and how to reduce the size for uploading. I've tried three different formats but each time my files seem to be a factor of 1000 out. Richard Grigsby
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