1. David404

    Farecla G3 clay mitt - Halfords

    Anybody used this clay mitt? Opinion/comment/suggestion???
  2. vijilants

    G3 clay mitt - brilliant product !!!!!

    Anyone used the G3 clay mitt ? I used one today.....what a brilliant product .....very quick and easy to use and the paintwork comes out super smooth. :thumb: Far easier and quicker than using a traditional clay bar.
  3. Myclk55amg

    Clay baring

    Is this clay baring your car all its cracked up to be?
  4. T

    Clay V Glove

    I bought a Farecla G3 Formula Body Prep Clay Mitt a while back and have used it three times, is it time to get another or do think the old way is best ie. a block of clay and a lubricant. I have used both and i think the old way seems better.
  5. N

    What polish after clay cloth. First time detailing

    Hi could someone recommend a polish to use after using a clay cloth. Its my first attempt as a newbie. I have this cloth from Halfords Farecla G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt But I'v read thats not the end of the process. You have to apply a polish and can't jump straight to waxing. Also how do I...
  6. reflexboy

    G3 Clay Mitt problem

    I tried the G3 clay mitt a few months back on my rear bumper (obsidian black) and whilst it left the paint feeling like glass it left it looking almost orange peely. Tried SRP to get the marks off, then T Cut and finally had to resort to using the DA with a medium compound. I thought it maybe...
  7. N

    Clay cloth to buy

    Could anyone recommend a clay cloth to buy? First attempt so prefer not to use a clay bar as I know I'll definitely drop it.
  8. StuA45AMG

    Clay bar

    Thinking about using a clay bar for the first time any recommendations on which one and where to buy from
  9. T

    Clay Mitt

    Hi, I need to buy a clay mitt, Any recommendations, never bought one before as I have all ways done it the old fashioned way, clay bar. Many Thanks.
  10. reflexboy

    Clay before DA polisher

    Guys, quick question-Clay makes the paint smooth, so does a good going over with a DA polisher. I have always clayed and then used the DA. Is there any advantage to this or should I just go straight in with the DA polisher to remove small scratches and swirls?
  11. M

    G3 Clay Mitt

    Just used 1 of these G3 clay mitts on my little Corsa to try it out. Christ it's good. 20 minutes to do the whole car. Never found polishing a car so easy. Gonna go to Halfords tomorrow and buy another 3 before the sell out for future use.
  12. Ten elena

    Tried out clay for the first time as well!

    Spent 4 hours today washing, claying and waxing. Completely exhausted, but it was worth it! Was looking forward to seeing what difference it would make to use clay, and it didn't disappoint - pulled out lots of dirt. This is the result of our labours:
  13. JohnEclass

    First effort with clay bar

    Well I thought my car was clean!....but have been spending at Elite again so thought I'd give the Bilt Hamber clay a go. Cleaning as follows Jet Wash Bilt Hamber Snow Foam Jet Wash 3M Shampoo Rinse Towel Dry Korrosol Treatment left on 5 mins...rivers of purple! Rinse Then Clay -...
  14. A

    Farecla clay mitt

    I have just brought one of these and wondered who else has used one ? Any good? What did you use it with just soapy water? Or a dry car with the body detailer they say touse? Cheers guys great site for help and info :thumb:
  15. T

    Clay bar

    Hi, I am about to clay bar my car, however, I only have about third of the lubricating liquid in the bottle, can I add a little water to this so that I have enough to carry out the work. Many thanks Terry
  16. tonyc280


    How does the above actually work ? Is it like an extremely fine grit Bar ? like the equivalent of say 2500 grit wet and dry paper ? cheers, Tony.
  17. John Jones Jr

    When to use a Clay Bar?

    Guys, I intend to sand my 202 with 2000 & 3000 w&d. What I would like to know is it better to clay bar prior to sanding or sand first, then clay? Cheers in advance.
  18. jools soul

    best clay bar? / Clay kits / advise please :)

    best clay bar? / Clay kits / advice please :) Hello Guys, Ive just got a used CLC in Tenorite Grey. The paintwork has a few stone chips, small scratches etc.. so I'm gonna get them taken care of (prob use 'Chips Away'-Are they any good??). Anyway, once I have had the chips taken care of...
  19. J

    whats all this clay bar'ing I hear about

    I thought i would buy some clay bar, specifically some Bilt-Hamber stuff as it was recommended by autoexpress and was only a tenner of eBay. I wanted to make my car look spick and span as I’m having my wheels refurbed on Tuesday. Am i right in thinking I just rub this bar across the...
  20. R

    Clay bars do a really good job.

    My recently acquired 2007, 211, travelled from Germany to here in Kyrgyzstan on the train. It also stood 4 weeks in a train distribution yard in Lithuania. Since I got the car it looked ok but the paint never felt silky smooth it always felt slightly rough. My 210 is clayed maybe twice a year &...
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