1. reflexboy

    Clayed and DA polished....what now?

    Just spent the last few evenings claying and DA polishing my car. Pretty pleased with the results as it has removed a lot of the scratches and marks in the paint. I have now bought some Poorboys black hole glaze and some Nattys blue paste wax, as recommended for black cars. I really like using...
  2. J

    C320 , Clayed polished and waxed by hand

    PIcked my car up last thursday gave it a good clean over the weekend Started by claying the whole car using claybar + auto glym rapid detailer Followed by a coat of Meguires step 2 polish Then followed by Dodo juice wax Heres some pictures , paintwork is so smooth now !
  3. smoothrider

    I just got clayed

    Had my first go with a clay bar on the W126 today. Looks ok I think.
  4. tudu

    Washed, Clayed, Polished and Waxed

    Hi All Detailed my car today took 8 hours. Used the following : Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash " " Easy Clay " " Orbital Polisher " " 2 x Polishing velcro pads 2 x finishing velcro pads " " step 1 - Deep crystal paint cleaner " " Step 2 - Deep crystal...
  5. ADY1983

    Washed, Clayed, Waxed...

    Finally got round to washing claying and waxing, I had to fill up so while I was there I popped into Tesco underground car park…;) Just in time too as it just started to rain as I pulled out of the car park…:rolleyes: Just got to get the front bumper resprayed and the insert back to...
  6. Aletank

    Has Anyone Clayed Their Car ??

    Plenty of people in the USA Clay their cars but it doesn't get mentioned much here in the UK. Has anyone done it ? What was it like ? Where did you get the clay from ? Do you think it was worth it ? What process do you use ? Just rub it over don't you ? Any info/advice on this would be...
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