1. Blackcab

    Mb Clc 2.2 2008 diesel auto

    My son was looking at this car for sale, however he says it looks like there has been aftermarket privacy tints applied to the rear windows. I'm not sure why anyone would do this, but dies anyone know if he could be mistaken? Does this model have privacy glass? thankyou
  2. A

    CLC dipsticks!

    Hello everyone, new user here! Am about to do a B service on my 2008 CLC220 CDI and have come to realise i need to buy a dipstick for the auto transmission...i've got a 920mm one thats for a w203 c class, but am unsure if this is the correct one for the CLC? Also, is there a engine oil...
  3. D

    Connecting Phone Via Bluetooth on 2009 CLC

    Hi I have a 2009 CLC. How do I connect my phone to the car!? It says 'tel bluetooth ready' but I can't seem to figure out what to do after that. The manual doesn't seem to say either. Thanks.
  4. cooks


    Hi Has anyone got a CLC FOR SALE..
  5. V

    2009 CLC Parking Dash Indicator replace

    Hi, hoping someone can help. Noticed today the the left (led?) of the parking distance indicator on the middle dash has gone kaput. Does anyone know if this is an easy fix and how if possible? I've searched tinterweb high and low and found nothing. It's not a massive problem as the right side...
  6. E

    Advice on buying CLC

    I hope to get a little advice on buying an automatic CLC to replace my 2001 C180 Sportcoupe. Shame really as it only has 80k miles though I'm facing a few expensive necessary repairs in order for it to get through MOT. The wheel arch rust is also quite bad now. As I'll be stuck in Germany...
  7. D

    CLC 2008 (CL203) Wiring Harness possibly damage causing U0101 & Limp Mode

    Help and advice would be very much appreciated. Having some automatic transmission issue causing the car to go Limp mode. Car would drive but 30min into drive and the gear indicator and driving mode (P,N,R, D & C,S,M) in dash would disappear and reappear intermittently but would end up...
  8. T

    CLC Class door rattle

    I am experiencing a lot of rattle from my 2010 CLC class drivers side door, especially when going over bumps. The rattle seems to go away when the window is down. Any suggestions?
  9. M

    Hit n run = end of our CLC. CLK anyone ?

    Seething..... Girlfriend driving our CLC early December and was hit by a scumbag in a white van who didnt stop, with the result that the car has just been written off and an unsatisfactory cheque sent by the insurers. Handy hint: dont buy cheaper insurance without courtesy car - fortunately...
  10. N

    Cross threaded wheel bolt CLC

    I have over tightened the wheel bolt on my CLC so that one of the bolts does not come undone ! Silly I know, but I was worried that they may be too loose and do not have a torque wrench ! Took the car to a tyre centre and they ran a mile so looking for possible solutions. I believe that it...
  11. N

    Wanted CLC locking bolts B66470143 & bolts B66470143

    Hi Can anyone assist in terms of locating replacement set of 4 wheel locking nuts Mercedes original B66470143 and 16 bolts A0009901007 looking for new or very good rust free condition. They are required for my CLC 220 CDI WDB203. Many thanks Nikki
  12. M

    CLC 1800 Boot cover cords.

    The plastic clip on one of the cords that hold the boot cover up is broken. I have run out of ideas where I can get a replacement and the nain dealer doesn't have a clue but was willing to sell me a complete boot cover for a £100 plus pounds. Does anyone have any ideas. Does it even have a part...
  13. T


    Hi, thoughts on this please, any problems i should be looking for? Mercedes-Benz CLC 230 2.5 ( Panorama Pk ) 7G-Tronic Sport | eBay Many thanks.
  14. D

    O2 Lambda sensor change CLC 220 CDI

    I have just bought A CLC 220 CDI Sport 2010 and having plugged in an OBD reader and even though there was no MIL warning code P2237 was showing. O2 sensor bank 1 sensor 1 open circuit. This is either a break in the wiring or the heater element has failed. Here is the procedure to replace the...
  15. DSB SL AMG

    CLC Resort, Free Holiday?

    Hi All, SWMBO got a call today...few questions, are you a homeowner, income etc then the ''you have won a free holiday'' jargon after she entered a prize draw:rolleyes: Anyway the company is CLC resorts, Mr Google tells me its a legit company but timeshare points based scam were they get you...
  16. T


    Are there any known problems with a CLC 1.8 kompressor Engine? Many thanks.
  17. C

    New CLC owner wants to fit DRL

    Hi All, I just bought a 2010 CLC 180 Kompressor. I bought a good set of DRL (with driver, etc.) I've already done a test fit, but I need some advice on where I can connect a positive 12v in the engine bay (when the ignition is on). Any help as always is gratefully received. Cheers Chris...
  18. S

    Upgrading the rear speakers on a CLC 350 2002

    I'm thinking of upgrading the rear speakers in my Merc CLC 350 2008 since they sound worse than the front speakers. Can i fit any speakers with the same size or is there some things that has to be matched with the stereo? I have never done any stereo builds before, however it does not feel to...
  19. Y

    Clc ground point on passenger sidr chassis leg

    Hi all, My ground wires on the passenger side chassis leg are ripped off, i believe one goes to the foglight anyone know where the others should go as i can not see where they have been pulled off Cheers
  20. C

    CLC Wing mirror indicator insert replacement

    Morning all, I have an 09 CLC 220. Last week myself and an old Ford Fiesta had a wing mirror joust and this happened. Ive ordered one of these. Mercedes-Benz CLC CLS CLK SLK SL E LED Mirror Indicator Repeater Right O/S | eBay And then realised, im not a mechanic and I dont...
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