1. 540YMX

    Obsedian Black when it is clean...

    Is very rewarding!
  2. MikeHartley

    Triplewax waterless clean and shine

    Currently on offer at Wilko for £2 for a litre. Just triedit and very impressed with the results - the BEST thing about it was that it masked the horrible swirl marks that were driving me nuts... Highly recommended.
  3. A

    First Time Clean.....

    Evening all, finally got round to giving the car a good clean today, it's first proper clean in the two weeks since we got it, took me nearly six bloody hours:crazy: , washed it, clayed it, polished it, waxed it then finally sealed it, hopefully it'll be easier to keep clean now , no doubt I'll...
  4. David404

    Spring clean

    OK so I had the wheels refurbished this week (nice job by The Wheel Specialist in Birmingham) and thought I'd give the car a 'quick wash'. Well it was a nice day and having had the wheels done wanted to see it at its best... Absolutely knackered, the years are catching up with me...
  5. T5R+

    Clean Up & Lacquer Only

    Have two spare wheels (rims) and would like to "prettify them" before putting them back on the car. They are not bent/buckled or structurally damaged but aesthetically ..........please see attched. Unsure if they can be cleaned and relacqured without diamond cutting OR they need to be recut...
  6. J

    Sunny Day, Two Clean Benz!

    A very satisfying double cleaning session this afternoon in the sunshine... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Cymruambyth

    First clean.

    Nice sunny I thought, why not :thumb: Paint work isn`t too bad. Clay cloth took lots of crap off. Noticed a couple of light scratches, but....hey ho. After almost 4 hours..I was done, then I realised I hadn`t done the alloys :fail I did start as the foam was dwelling but I noticed...
  8. Alex225

    Spring Clean

    Since the SL now has a working roof, thought it needed a clean. Pre-wash with Valet Pro Citrus, washed with Gyeon Bathe+ and Megs microfibre mitt. Tyres given some shine with Meguiars tyre gel. Looks pretty good to me :thumb:
  9. AMGeed

    Spring Clean

    As it was forecast to be nice and sunny today, I decided it was time to give the car a decent clean after winter and catch up on a couple of jobs that needed doing. A good wash with Meg's Gold Class shampoo and rinsed off with a hosepipe saw the car ready for job # 1. The cloudy headlights...
  10. S

    First clean of the ML!

    So, had the car 4 weeks now and have been waiting for a dry Saturday so I could give the car a thorough clean and wash. Bought myself some Meguiars Gold Shampoo, a Meguiars wash mitt, 2 buckets and 2 grit guards. I'll never use anything but the 2 bucket method! Took me 3 hours for a...
  11. N

    Clean bodywork

    Hi guys, some may think this is a silly pos, but, I was wondering why my C320 estate 2003 has such a great body for its age? I tracked down the only other owners it's had, and at no time has the vehicle had any paintwork fine on it. She gas done 114,000 miles on an 03 plate, but still she has an...
  12. brucemillar

    A very clean Golf.
  13. J

    Last clean of the year...

    Gave my 1 month old GLE350 a final wash / wax of the year this afternoon. Happy New Year all and let's keep those Mercedes Clean through 2017! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. J

    Pre-Christmas clean E350 cabrio

    A quick pre-Xmas maintenance clean of my E350 cabrio. Merry Mercedes Christmas all! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Toobad

    Clean Your Car offering 12% off for Black Friday with code BF12

    With its very comprehensive stock of detailing supplies, this has always been one of my "go to" websites. They allow customer reviews so you can easily see what products are most highly rated. I see they have also just started stocking my current favourite sealant, Soft99's Fusso Coat. Clean...
  16. ivandraganov

    EGR clean

    Has anybody tried Wynns EGR clean aerosol,don't have problems just as preventative clean..
  17. Abcan

    Easy clean

    Just given the car a first wash after its winter wax using Carlack 68 and Collinite 845. Can't believe how easy it was to clean. Both products were recommended on here. Very impressed.
  18. Justin1600

    Pair of used / clean C43 Air Filters

    A pair of clean genuine C43 AMG Air Filters £20
  19. B

    Sunroof track clean and grease

    Hi what grease is recommended to lube up the sunroof tracks? Thanks
  20. Felstmiester

    C63 front end clean up

    I've been toying with the idea to get the front end of my pre facelift looking a bit better. It's been said on here before about the pros and cons between the pre and the facelift front end. I like both! I like the facelift because it hasn't got the disco ball driving lights but at the same time...
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