1. M

    Lizzie cleaned !

    :thumb: Washed, Autoglym super resin polish and then a coat of Muc-Off Uber Wax. Not too bad a finish, I thinks. Should I put a coat of Autoglym sealer on it now..... :confused:
  2. french

    Cleaned my car with some el Cheapo

    ...waterless car wash. I have not been able to do anything lately as I have had an operation, so I thought I'd try this ..boredom mainly. Anyway its not that bad, couldn't get down to do the wheels.
  3. A

    Cleaned my dream car

    This is my favourite car of all time, my perfect Dream Car:cool: just a pity it's only 1/18 scale Looking dusty and unloved And then after a clean with a damp fibre cloth and a polish with a dry micro cloth Only trouble is I'm going to have to do my 1/18 scale rally collection...
  4. roger574

    Cleaned the E55

    As the weather was conducive this morning (and not being sure if I'd have the time to do again before the weather turns and the nights start to draw in) I thought I'd give the exterior of my E55 a good going over this morning. It took a bit longer than I'd planned but I'm pleased with the...
  5. C

    W203 Washer pump not working, but pump OK and stalk contacts cleaned

    Hello, I have been reading as much as I could here and elsewhere before bothering people with this, but unfortunately I have come to the more expensive probabilities, so I thought I would ask for some help. This is a second car, 2003 reg C270CDI, W203, and gets driven rarely, only my wife...
  6. A

    I had the Vito cleaned and polished!

    A few weeks ago i had the Vito cleaned and polished! When i bought the van in November it had been badly polished by the dealer and there was swirl marks all over it. i didn't have time to do it myself so i got a local detailing guy (Supreme Detail) to do it for me and he did an ace job :)...
  7. vasser44

    ML300CDi Cleaned Eventually

    Here's a few picts (sorry posted in new members Album) of the "new to me" ML. I purchased via a Bentley dealer thinking they'd be fairly factual with there appraisal before I headed all the way from Aberdeen to Southampton to collect. On arrival it looked ok but you could clearly see they'd just...
  8. N

    VW lying about 'cleaned diesel'...

    Hi folks, Just thought if you have not seen this news lately, you might be interested in knowing what has happened lately in the US with VW cars faking the test results with cleaned diesels... VW ?Clean Diesel? Scheme Exposed as Criminal Charges Weighed - Bloomberg Business VW now...
  9. ShaunB

    Cleaned my C63

  10. rlowy

    Cleaned the E63 again today.....

    Spent a few hours today cleaning the car and posted some pictures here.
  11. zeemax100

    Engine components cleaned

    Apologies if posted in the wrong place! New family business has just started in Camberly, Surrey. We offer Bead/Vapour blasting for all Engine Components. This cleans off all Corrosion and polishes Components leaving them looking brand new. I have photos of cleaned items that can be seen...
  12. Hawkwind

    Old Carpets Steam Cleaned

    In the process of getting my grubby W208 320 CLK convertible cleaned. Tried cleaning the filthy seat belts with my steam cleaner as another member posted a thread detailing amazing results. But didn't work for me :( Think I might have to try a bleach solution. As the steamer was on the go...
  13. A

    Cleaned the bus ready for the Sun!!!!

    2x layers of polish and 1x layer of sealant! Still only done 34k so immaculate. Pleased I am.
  14. JohnEclass

    Wheels Cleaned and stored for winter

    Well thought i'd clean the Alloys and put them away for winter, took some elbow grease! I'm thinking refurb required before putting a new set of summer tyres on!...strange how one wheel has take the brunt of scrapes, must be me the missus wont drive the CLK :D One day I will be able to...
  15. cinek


    I decided to take full advantage of a day off today, and spent few hours doing something useful for a change ;)
  16. H

    Valve body cleaned

    Hi, My car was sagging on the front passenger side pretty much straight after shutdown so decided to follow forum advice and clean the valve body on the front, Took me about 2 hours to remove it and give it a clean. there was some dirt in the valve seats and some other slight gunk on the valves...
  17. D

    C55 finally cleaned properly

    Well, almost...not a bad start. Some paint correction / claying. Not had time for the DA yet.
  18. U

    C36 AMG cleaned it and got some pro images done

    Quick clean and polish Some more images on the link below
  19. jonnyMercUK

    Perfectly Cleaned

    Over the past 24 hrs I have been researching the best ways to clean my C220 Coupe and what products to use. I have purchased a Meguiars Lambswool Wash Mitt and some Collinite + Free Applicator Pad + Microfibre cloth. I did my research on the best price for the two and found...
  20. reggie musson

    Car service, are you charged for your motor to be cleaned when its not done ?

    Why when our motors are due for a service do we get charged for our cars to be washed and cleaned out, even if we ask the garage not to do this, as with mine, and many of your cars are allready in showroom condition, and don`t trust some young lad or lassie on work experence from school to take...
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