1. clk320x

    Simoniz Alloy Cleaner

    Anyone had any experience with the above product? It was on offer at Tescos so couldn't resist.. believe around £2. It guarantees not to damage the wheels and to be acid free Abs
  2. wu56Shoozz

    Wheel Cleaner?

    What do you detailers use for cleaning the wheels - I've used the last of mine and on the market for some more, but not an acid type (If possible) so let me know what you use please??
  3. clk320x

    Simoniz chrome cleaner?

    This stuff any good? On offer @ Tesco for £3. Need some to clean my exhaust tips? Apparently this on microfibre cloth should do the trick? Cheers
  4. L

    Tailpipe Chrome Cleaner.

    Just trying to clean the tailpipes on my E 55 amg and I'm not having much success, so I'm just wandering what comes recommended, there's no signs of any rust but I cant seem to get through the tarnish and tbh they look far better on the underside.
  5. R

    Motor flush and brake cleaner

    Hi Can I use brake cleaner to clean my manifold/inlet? My plan is to spray it inside the manifold at 2500rev? Does anybody know crc motor flush? Good or bad? W211 e270 03 Thx Ronny
  6. B

    What seatc cleaner to use for CLK270 2003 CDI

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could recommend a seat cleaner for my Mercedes CLK270 CDI 2003? Thanks,
  7. E

    MAF cleaner

    Whats the recommendation for MAF cleaner? I want to clean mine but not sure the best available cleaner to use Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. sarah.grandon

    Leather Cleaner

    Hello you lovely lot.. I'm after your thoughts of what is the best leather cleaner I have the autoglym leather feed but looking for a good cleaner aswell?? X Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. T

    Best Windscreen (Rear/Front) Cleaner

    Hi! Anyone got any specific kit they use to clean the windows? My rear windscreen seems to get a bit musty so I thought I would clean it... Thanks
  10. A

    Seat cleaner

    My W251 has the leather/alcantara seats which have a couple of marks on them, does anyone know of a suitable cleaner please. Andy.
  11. crockers

    Vacuum cleaner recommendations ??

    My wife asked me to vacuum the house and ours is broken......well I couldn't get it going.. Any recommendations for a good one ??
  12. fabes

    Caliper paint and weight cleaner

    Evening The inside of my 18" AMG wheels have old weight glue on them Once I have the winters swapped out for new summer tyres, I want to wipe them inside down to get the dirt/muck/ discolouration from old weight glue off What's the most straightforward and modest cost option? I am currently...
  13. L

    Wheel Cleaner,Wheel Wax, Paint Sealant, Quick Detailer Bundle by Wonder Wheels

    1. Wonder Wheels Top Gloss Detailer NEW £4 RRP £8 2. Wonder Wheels Super Wheels Wax NEW £4 RRP £8 3. Wonder Wheels Paintwork Sealant NEW £5 RRP £10 4. Wonder Wheels Paintwork Sealant 90% £4 RRP £10 5. Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels Cleaner NEW £6 RRP:£12 Bundle Price...
  14. M

    cloth seat cleaner

    Hi there can anyone recommend a good cloth seat cleaner as the Liverpool cloth in my car has a few stubborn stains. thanks Paul.
  15. M

    Fuel Cleaner - CLS 350 CGI

    Hello everybody, Which fuel cleaner would you recommend for my CLS (219) 3.5 V6 CGI (piezoelectric injectors)? I had it diagnosed on STAR recently and I had an (F) saying that the performance of the catalyst that accumulates NOx(nitrogen oxide) is insufficient. Fuel may content sulfur...
  16. P

    W124 E250 Diesel Air Cleaner Unit

    Dear All: i am from Sri Lanka and currently converting my e200 petrol car to e 250 OM 605 diesel. came across tow issues. 1. need full diesel e250 air cleaner kit for OM605 engine 2. Need Diesel instrument cluster YOM : 1995 Model: W124 (Saloon) if anyone could help on these, pls. reply...
  17. brucemillar

    Good engine and engine bay cleaner please?

    Folks Can anybody recommend a really good engine & engine bay cleaning product? Something that will get all the grease & oil residue off along with the normal road dirt film and leaves things like the washer bottle looking nice and fresh/white with nice yellow caps. As a preference I like...
  18. M

    Karcher under chassis cleaner

    Hi have a brand new sealed .karcher under chassis cleaner .unopened complete with corrosion protection and cleaner as recommended by aa free postage cost 70 will take £45 including free postage
  19. D

    Why dosnt the CLA have cleaner CO2 engines??

    Was considering the CLA as a company car but was staggered to find that the BIK tax value is shockingly more expensive than the C Class. Why is this?? In essence its only an A Class with a boot
  20. B

    Fuel additive/ cleaner

    I had been to the dealer recently with a with a window issue. While I was there, they suggested that they add a fuel system cleaner to the fuel tank. They said that this should be done every 6 months. I didn't take them up on the offer as the manual states that fuel additives are not...
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