1. T

    Fault code 2510 001 won't clear

    Having the car go into limp mode occasionally and got fault code 2510 001, when I try clearing it it says it's unable to communicate and can't clear code, any ideas? Using icarsoft mbii
  2. MickyP64

    Clear Coat Remove/Repair

    The clear coat on the panoramic sunroof of our W169 is looking a bit tatty and sorry for itself. It looks to me that a probable combination of sun/heat and wind has caused the clear coat to flake and come away – it only seems to be on the trailing edge of each louvered panel. I’d like to get it...
  3. JohnnyAMG

    Do I need to connect to Star to clear a fault??

    Hello all, My car is throwing up a fault saying it cannot communicate with the sun sensor in the bonnet. I have ordered up the part and it seems to be a straight forward swap out but do I need to connect the car to Star to clear the fault or assuming that the new part solves the problem will...
  4. S

    W216/W221 Climate Comfort W'screen - Clear Spots for GPS signal

    Hi guys, I have a Merc. CL500 (2013MY, 2014 registered) with climate comfort windscreen (the one that has a slight purple tint to it), and I had tried a friend's road angel for a couple of days, and..... it doesn't get a signal at all. Upon some investigation, it transpires that the infrared...
  5. rajinder_1

    R129 passenger clear indicator

    Hi Guys looking for an oem clear indicator for the left hand side please. mine has a hole or crack in it and is full of condensation. Thanks Raj
  6. Alex225

    Finally Clear Headlights

    Well since buying my E320 the headlights have been cloudy. My local bodyshop gave them a quick buff with some compound when I had the wheels painted but never quite got there. So I initially wet sanded and polished them. Looks scary when they get to this stage... Polished up and they looked...
  7. S

    W202 C250TD Clear Fuel Lines

    Hi, apart from my local MB dealers, I have been told that someone on the forum sells the complete clear fuel lines kit, with o rings and copper washers for a W202 C250 TD. If so, could someone be kind enough to let me know. My car will only start if left facing downhill due to air entering the...
  8. simonafloat

    Clear perspex indicator cover w163 facelift paasenger mirror

    ...Someone hit the nearside rear view mirror on our facelift ml270. The perspex cover for the indicators fell off and broke. Anyone got one to sell, not keen on replacing the entire mirror body if I can help it! Thanks Simon
  9. MOR8A

    Clear coat on alloy damaged by tyre company, what would you do?

    Had 2 new tyre valves fitted today and in the process one of the alloys has sustained a light amount of damage to the clear coat on the diamond cut face of the alloy. Although it no damaged the alloy itself we all know the implications this will have to this already troublesome alloy finish and...
  10. sssammm

    R129 clear indicator

    Unused Replacement R129 clear indicator, I think its the passenger side Free to anyone who needs it sam
  11. 4

    Keeping Headlights Clear

    Plastic headlamps. A safety feature? I'm sure this may have already been covered somewhere, but is there any way to keep them from going milky? My old S210 E240 is blessed with glassy clearness and I'd like to keep them that way. Already 16 years old, they are certainly due a turn. Is...
  12. Ruonis13

    W211 clear out,loads of parts ...

    Selling stuff from my E class w211 2004 . Everything is original parts. Front bumper (slightly damaged-comes with fog lights).£50 Back bumper -good condition. £100 Side skirts- good condition.£40 Front grille - very good condition.£50 Back lights -amazing condition(comes with bulbs...
  13. Palfrem

    Garage clear out - many random things!

    Gents, I'm on a three line whip to get the garage a little less cluttered. We may be moving so a downsize of chattels is needed. Briefly: Toyota LC 120 genuine load liner and grey floor mats. Also have grey leather third row seats. CL500 W215 Mercedes rubber boot tray. W211 saloon...
  14. P

    Garage clear out - w124 and 190e parts.

    I'm getting rid of all the stuff sat in my garage and there are is a small mountain of Mercedes parts in the corner. I have added some terrible quality photos taken on my useless phone now for each. As for price ill just see whats cheapest on ebay and match it, feel free to make an offer. 190e...
  15. R

    office clear out

    just clearing out my office area today that has become a night mare store room of parts today, I have for sale the following. 1 no. nearside brand new C63AMG exhaust tail box, last part of the OEM exhaust with the chrome AMG tips. £240 collection only, Brought for my E55, as ongoing...
  16. ringway

    Mercedes sl55 amg damaged red leather low miles hpi clear

    He'll be lucky... LINK.
  17. D

    Clear laquer over aluminium

    I have a 42 year old Japanese motorbike with original clear laquered engine parts. How does it stay on when modern alloy wheels only survive for a few years? Aluminium needs an etch primer to seal it before painting. This cannot be done if the finish is clear.
  18. darrellr

    M class clear out?

    With the GLC/GLE now widely available will there be a big campaign to discount the last few M class cars during September?
  19. D

    Mercedes hard clear coat - safe to use polish?

    My 2012 black E250 coupe arrived last week and I've slowly been purchasing detailing products to give her a good clean. I had planned to use Meguiar's Ultra Compound with a Sonus SFX hand pad as I don't have access to a DA, nor the skill! However as I understand the Mercedes use a very hard...
  20. bob6600

    Air in (new) clear pipe

    Approximately 12 months ago the clear pipe from the HP pump to the back of the fuel rail was replaced as it had a slight leak and was very brown. There were bubbles in the clear line on the fuel pump, pictured below This solved the leak but not the air bubble problem. Recently the clear...
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