1. F

    Fault code c2359 can it be cleared?

    I recently had SBC problems with my cls55 amg. my original pump had an internal fault so I sourced a pump with the same part no. As my own and the said pump had been "reconditioned" with the counter set to 0. After spending hours fitting the new pump and bleeding the system I was getting the...
  2. C

    srs faults cleared warning light still on

    hi i had the srs light on on my 2003 c class coupe. i had the fault code read on autel diagnostics machine, it turned out it was the curtain airbag squib. i have replaced it and the code has no been removed, the car is showing no codes atall. however the srs light is still illuminated on the...
  3. Gh3382

    easily cleared badly blocked drain channels

    The area around the wipers on my car was holding water and the drain hole near the passenger side door on the wiper panel was well blocked. I used a wire coathanger and bent the end over after straitening it out so there was no sharp edges. a few gentle pushes saw a gush of water come our on...
  4. Charles Morgan

    Chocks away - Morgan cleared for take off!

    Dear old Morgan cars have re-created a three wheeler, and what a joy to behold. I particularly like the idea of the starter button being the firing button from the Typhoon. Chocks away, chaps! Piccies here
  5. A

    Help - need this cleared up!

    My E55, was first registered in May 2003. Does anyone know if the W211 E55s suffer from the Valeo radiator issues. I have had a rather disturbing night reading all the horror stories from people who have suffered from transmission failure. Asad
  6. marc777

    ContentIE5 - can it be cleared?

    Morning all. Just done a virus scan on computer and sat and watched it - and noticed that it trawls through thousands of files in subfolders in Documents and Settings/Owner/..ContentIE5 These appear to be past webpages viewed - and as a result the virus scan takes ages. Can I delete the...
  7. T

    PC cleared after evidence vanishes (90mph in a 30)

    Pc cleared after evidence vanishes By Nick Britten (Filed: 26/05/2005) A police officer accused of driving at 90mph in a 30mph zone has escaped prosecution after the equipment used to check his speed disappeared. The case against Pc Daniel Swain, 30, collapsed after a court was...
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